How to Keep Raccoons Off Deck, Under Shed & Out of Attic & Garden in Losoya, TX

Raccoons can be a problem for many homeowners all year long. However, they particularly become an even bigger nuisance during late fall and winter. Raccoons will invade homes as the temperatures begin to drop to look for a safe place to sleep during the winter season. Raccoons don’t hibernate, but their metabolism does slow down where they will sleep for a few weeks at a time. When they do wake up they have a huge appetite and will rummage through garbage cans or take over your pet’s food. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how you can prevent raccoons this winter season.

Raccoon Family

Raccoons are mostly solitary creatures but will occasionally spend the winter in small groups cuddling together. Raccoons will often look for abandoned dens, or holes in trees to hide out during winter. Raccoons will also attempt to invade homes by climbing down chimneys or claw their way into attics when looking for a safe warm place to spend winter. As stated, raccoons don’t sleep the entire winter. They will wake up every few weeks to look for food. At such times they will invade homes and urban areas in search of something to eat. To prevent raccoons from spending winter in your home this winter, follow these steps.

Remove Potential Raccoon Resources

A raccoon’s life revolves around food. They will invade homes and other urban areas if they know they can find food there. The first step in preventing raccoons this winter is by not feeding them. Raccoons will go through garbage bags and seek out discarded food. Additionally, raccoons will eat anything. Make sure you have your garbage bags tightly sealed and in closed garbage cans. Never have your garbage cans outside if you can help it. Place garbage cans inside a garage and only take them outside on garbage collection day. Pet owners should never leave a pet’s water or food bowl outside. Many of our Texas wildlife creatures will eat pet food including dog and cat food as well as bird seeds. Avoid bird feeders and feeding pets outside. Additionally, repair any leaking plumbing around your yard. Raccoons also require water and will drink from dripping or puddles of water.

Home Sealing for Pest Control

Raccoons have no problem bunking with humans and will sleep in attics, underneath decks, or sheds. When preventing raccoons you will want to seal your home and other surrounding structures. Start with covering the chimneys with a wire screen. You will still want to allow proper air flow. A metal screen is strong enough to keep raccoons out and still allow sufficient air flow. The next potential site for raccoons is attic space. Raccoons are good climbers and can easily make their way up roof tops. They will look for ways to get inside the attic. Look for roof damage and repair your home’s roof and seal off any holes in the roof. You may need to cover decks. Raised homes should also be covered with a wire fencing to prevent raccoons from nesting underneath homes and sheds.

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When you find you need professional help controlling raccoons this winter, contact a pest control service. Pest control services can help with wildlife removal, traps and deterrents. For your professional pest control service, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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