How to Keep Pigeons Away from My Balcony & Home in New Braunfels, TX; Pigeon Repellents, Deterrents & More

Pigeons seem like harmless birds that frequent park benches occupied by elderly persons who generously feed the pigeons pieces of old crusty bread. While pigeons may appear to be a cute little bird that adds character to the city, they are responsible for a great deal of damage and annoyance to many home owners. Pigeons are often referred to as rats with wings due to the many different bacteria that they carry and the endless amount of pigeon droppings that they leave on homes, buildings, cars, sidewalks and everything else. It is not legal to shoot pigeons, so what can you do to keep these suburbanized bird pests away from your home? A Five Star Termite and Pest Control specializes in pigeon removal and control, keeping your home protected from the damage that pigeons are responsible for.

Will Pigeons Go Away on Their Own?

One of the most annoying aspects of the pigeon is that they multiply so quickly. As the pigeon population grows, the nestlings return to their home area to build more nests and raise more pigeons, so the growing cycle of pigeons continues to go on and on, over and over. One of the admired traits of pigeons is their homing ability. You could release a pigeon far away from its nesting site and the bird will always find its way back home. That is a pretty cool attribute, unless your roof is the nesting site and pigeons continue to poop all over your home. This trait makes it extremely difficult to relocate the bird and its generations of offspring as well. A Five Star Termite and Pest Control is skilled and experienced in successfully removing pigeons from your home permanently.

Damage & Diseases Caused By Pigeon Droppings

If you have ever gone out to your car and noticed a giant splatter of bird poop on your windshield then you know just how disgusting pigeon droppings can be. Pigeons poop everywhere; no one is safe from being pooped on. You can become a target sitting on a park bench, mowing your lawn or grilling some chicken in the backyard. Pigeons will poop on your car, your house, your fence, your front porch and even on your head. What’s even worse about pigeon poop is that it attracts other pests like rats, mice and flies to your home. Pigeon droppings are also very acidic, so it will stain and even possibly eat away the underlying surface of whatever it has landed on, usually your roof or your car. Pigeon droppings have caused significant damage to roofs and have significantly deteriorated the life of roofs. Pigeon poop is more durable than most dung, the pigeons use it to keep their nests intact for nesting season. They use their poop as a binding agent similar to bricks and mortar. In addition, at least three human diseases, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis are linked to pigeon droppings

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Pigeons will damage your roof, your car, your landscape and a great many other areas that they come into contact with. Pigeons are also considered a serious nuisance due to the bacteria that is found in their droppings. Pigeons do carry the threat of disease and if humans come into direct contact with their droppings it can become a dangerous and dirty situation. The best way to keep pigeons away from your home is to contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today. A Five Star Termite and Pest Control will keep pigeons and their poop away from your home for good.

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