How to Keep Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Rodents & Nuisance Wildlife like Raccoons, Bats, Opossums & Skunks Out & Away from Your San Antonio TX House

Your home is the ideal environment for most all wild animals. It is a comfortable place of shelter from the elements with readily available food and water sources and just about every part of your home is vulnerable. Squirrels love to bed down in your home’s eaves, mice invade the garage and shimmy up pipes to your bedroom walls and wildlife like raccoons, skunks and opossums like to nest and breed in your attic or crawlspace. Once inside, these rodents and wild animals make themselves quite at home; shredding insulation, chewing trim, and gnawing on electric wires. Perhaps worse than tearing up your property, these invaders potentially expose your family to dangerous diseases and illnesses such as hantavirus, salmonellosis, bubonic plague and rat-bite fever!

Rodents are Responsible for Approximately 80% of Animal Break-ins into Residential Homes and Commercial Businesses

How to Keep Mice Out of My House

Mice can gain entry into your home by entering through a hole that is ¼ inch or larger in size. Common entry points include the garage and basement. The most common signs of infestation include droppings that are 1/8-inch long, the smell of urine, gnawed wood and scratching noises particularly at night. How to prevent mice – seal any exterior gaps, keep food in plastic containers with tight fitting lids. Use weather-strips on the bottom of basement and garage doors.

How to Keep Rats Away From My Home

Rats can gain entry into your home by entering through a hole that is ¾ inch or larger in size. Common entry points include the garage and drain pipes. The most common sighs of infestations include grease smudges along baseboards, smell of urine, ¼ inch long droppings, gnawing on wood and squeaking noises at night. How to prevent rats – eliminate food and water sources, seal exterior gaps and keep food including pet food in airtight containers with tight fitting lids

How to Keep Squirrels Off Your House

Squirrels can gain entry into your home by entering through a hole that is 2 ½ inches or larger. Common entry points include overhanging fascia boards and damaged roof shingles. Squirrels are spry and can jump 10 to 12 feet through the air. The most common signs of infestation include ½- to 1-inch long droppings, piles of nuts, scampering noises in ceiling or attic. How to prevent squirrels – Inspect your roof and exterior trim for damage and move bird feeders away from the home.

Occasional Nuisance Wildlife Visitors to your Home

How to Keep Skunks Away

Occasionally skunks will burrow under your patio or take possession of your garage or crawlspace. Skunks are generally gently creatures but they will spray a vile smelling liquid when threatened. Skunks can also carry rabies and trapping and removal should be left to a professional pest control company like the experts at A Five Star Termite and Pest control.

How to Keep Bats Away from Porch & Eaves

Given an opportunity, bats will make a home in your attic particularly during the summer months. Bats carry rabies and their guano also has the potential to carry disease. Your A Five Star Termite and Pest Control specialist will ensure that bats are safely evicted from your home so you and your family can rest easy at night.

How to Keep Raccoons out of Your Garden

These clever little animals with dexterous hands can easily slip down chimneys and attic vents. To keep them from coming back, keep your basement and garage door closed. Remove bird feeders and outdoor pet bowls and secure trash cans with bungee cords along with capping your chimney for further protection.

How to Get Ride of Opossums from your Yard & Under Your Deck: These odd little creatures are nocturnal and love fruit and insects. They can be found in open garages and crawl spaces. They have a preference for munching on pet food and won’t think twice about visiting your porch for a tasty snack. You will need the professionals at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control to safely remove them from your property.

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