How to Keep Bugs & Mice Out of Your BBQ Grill in Terrell Hills, TX; Landscaping & More

With the winter winding down, people will start turning to their BBQ grills for some good eats. All too often people find unwanted pests trying to make their beloved BBQ grill a home. Just the thought of pests traversing your grill can be unappetizing. When it comes to the commonly unsanitary, pests wandering in the grill, it is always ideal to ensure the grill is completely cleaned and sanitized. But in addition to your efforts with keeping your BBQ grill clean, we at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control would like to share how you can better protect your BBQ grill from pest invasions.

Landscaping Maintenance to Prevent Pests

For most pests in Texas, the natural habitat is in your grass, bushes and trees. Keeping up on the landscaping all year long can better protect the BBQ grill and surrounding areas from pests that might get attracted to smells. Keep the trees pruned and bushes trimmed back away. If possible, keep your grill at least four feet away from your vegetation. This applies all year long, though during the fall, and even less in the winter, your landscaping will require little maintenance. Be sure to keep the area around the grill and the grill itself clean and well-maintained.

Keep Bug & Mosquito Repellent Close

Even after reducing the wandering pests, when the wasps and mosquitoes come out, which is only several weeks away, a few can slip by among other pests your protection barriers. Having some repellent around the grill for easy use can help for a temporary fix for when you are around the grill or preparing to use it. Keep in mind that whether they are stinging pests, flies, ants, and so on, you will protect yourself from them in the moment, but you need professional assistance to help keep pets at bay.

Keep Food Covered to Keep Bugs Away from BBQ

Food inevitably attracts all manners of pests, from proteins, to sugars, and carbs, pests love to indulge with human delicacies. Keeping the food covered while indulging in the outdoor activities can keep them from intruding on your BBQing activities and consumption. Be sure to clean the grill after each use to eliminate residual grease that many ants and other pests love. Cleanup the area well after the event is over and ensure there are no crumbs or spills left behind once the eating has come to a close.

Is Monthly Pest Control Necessary

With the help of professional pest control, you can see a significant difference with pests in and around your home. With routine pest control maintenance, the common pests can be prevented, and your BBQ grill and area safeguarded from pests.

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