How to Get Rid of the Most Common in Cockroaches in the Kitchen & Home in Universal City, TX

There are many species of cockroaches that invades our homes and commercial properties. The most common and invasive species of cockroach are the German, Oriental and the American cockroach. Each species has their own set of habits or behaviors. In order to control these common species of cockroaches, it helps to understand each of them. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share the habits and behaviors of these three species of cockroaches.

German Cockroach Infestations

The German cockroach is most often seen crawling around at night and in the kitchen. They spend most of their lives hiding in dark areas such as cracks and crevices. At night, where there is less activity from pets and household members, will they emerge and begin searching for food. Because German cockroaches will hide most homeowners aren’t aware that they even have a cockroach infestation until a massive population explodes. German cockroaches are between ½ to 1 inches in length. The adults will have wings and look bronze or brownish gold in color. German cockroaches have two distinct brown striped markings on their head, going vertically down from the eyes. Both adults and nymphs will have these striped markings; nymphs however, are wingless and darker in color.

Oriental Cockroaches

The Oriental cockroach or perhaps better known to most of us as the “water bug,” requires dark saturated areas such as water or sewer lines. They are often seen near pools and ponds, or in yards with broken or leaky pipes or water features. You might find oriental cockroaches in bathroom or kitchen sink cabinets or near leaking or damp areas and most especially in basements. An oriental cockroach can grow up to 1 ¼ inch in length. The nymphs are yellowish in color and as the mature they will darken. Sometimes they have two colors where half will look orange or reddish with a black upper body. However, once they reach full adulthood they will become all black with a greasy. oily looking skin. Male oriental cockroaches have a pair of short wings that only cover half of their abdomen. Luckily, the oriental cockroach reproduction rate is much slow than any other cockroach species, making them less of a threat than the American or German cockroaches that can reproduce in record time.

American Cockroach Pests

The American cockroach becomes aggressively invasive during bad weather conditions. These two inch cockroaches are often found in warm, humid areas within homes and other human domains. The American cockroach is one of the largest species in North America and can be found widespread throughout the states. The American cockroach is reddish brown in color. They too have a pair of wings, but unlike the German cockroach, they will use their wings to fly short distances. They have a nasty habit of flying into doorways as they open which gives some folks a scare. They are drawn to the light it is wise to leave outside lights off whenever possible to prevent these unnecessary interactions.

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