How to Get Rid of Tawny Rasberry Crazy Ants from Your Electronics & Home in St Hedwig, TX

News is getting out about Crazy Ants and how they are overtaking the Fire Ants along with many people’s homes. Mainly in the southern Eastern states including Texas, crazy ants are slowly displacing fire ants and have a nasty habit of short circuiting electronics. Crazy ants become a major nuisance during the winter season. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how to identify and control these nasty invaders to help keep your home and your precious electronics safe this winter season.

Rasberry Crazy Ant Identification

Crazy ants received their name due to their odd or erratic behavior and frantic movements. Crazy ants are very small. They are slightly smaller than a grain of rice and their colors can vary from a dark orange to brown or black. For an ant species, crazy ants have longer legs, which give them a very distinct appearance. The diet of crazy ants is similar to other ant species as they are omnivorous. When they invade a home, they particularly like sweets, meats, greasy foods and even liquids. They will even feed on other insects and honeydew.

Where Do Tawny Crazy Ants Live?

Crazy ants first originated in Southeast Asia. However, the crazy ant can adapt to moist cool climates to hot dry climates and therefore, they became widespread throughout the world. They were introduced in America in 2002. Their living environments are versatile. They can be found living in decaying wood, underneath stones, in trees, as well as other plants. Additionally, they invade homes and other human structures. In fact, they make almost anywhere a perfect place to make their home.

Get Ants Out of Electronics

Crazy ants will even invade electronic devices since they are extremely small and they like the way electronics prove a perfect place for their nest. Crazy ants are known to infest homes during the change of the seasons or weather. Even though a crazy ant colony is much smaller than other species of ants, only consisting of 1,500 to 2,500 members, they can become extremely hard to control. Crazy ants are one of the fewer ant species that will forage long distances, which makes it difficult to locate the nest. A single colony can contain from 8 and up to 40 queens that are fertile. Some queens will break off and form a colony of their own. This is called budding.

Crazy Ant Prevention

Prevention is important in controlling crazy ants. It may be difficult to seal areas they can use to get inside your home. Again, they are very small which makes it hard to actually keep them out. This is why you should never leave food out. Crazy ants will invade homes that have food readily available food for them to feed on. Make sure never to leave dirty dishes in the sink and make sure food in the pantry is sealed. Also make sure to remove any water sources. Leaky plumbing draws in many pests, including ants. All plumbing needs to be in good condition and not dripping or leaking.

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Your best defense against crazy ants is hiring a professional pest control company. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help defend your home from any invading pests this winter. Contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control and begin your pest management program today.

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