How to Get Rid of Striped Tailed Bark Scorpions in Elmendorf, TX; Remove Hiding Places, Food that Attracts Them & More

With springtime coming to a rapid end, the summer season will soon begin. This means Texans will need to prepare their home for the upcoming scorpion season. During the extreme warmth of summer, scorpions frequently invade homes seeking shelter from the heat. There are many species of scorpions that are found throughout Texas. However, the striped tailed bark scorpion is the most common. Preventing these stinging pests from invading your home is key. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share a few tips and tricks to control scorpions around your home.

Disturb Scorpion Hiding Places

One way to help reduce scorpion populations is to disturb and remove any potential hiding places. Scorpions love to hide in dark places during the day and only come out at night to hunt for food. By disturbing prime hiding places such as cabinets, under sinks and under furniture, you discourage this pest. You can also open cabinets and move furniture around to disturb any scorpions that may be inside the home. Outside you will want to remove any debris that scorpions can hide under. Scorpions love to hide underneath firewood, and in between rocks. You may need to disturb rocks and keep firewood stacks as far away from the home as possible.

Place Scorpion Sticky Glue Traps

Once scorpion hiding places have been disturbed, they will begin roaming around. To get rid of the scorpions inside your home, if any, place sticky traps in strategic places. Sticky traps are a great environmentally friendly trap that captures scorpions, spiders, and much more. Place sticky traps along the walls and in areas where scorpions are found such as underneath sinks and furniture.

Remove Food that Attracts Scorpions to Eat

Your next step to controlling scorpions around your home is removing potential food sources. Scorpions feed on other insects, spiders, and even other scorpions. Scorpions are drawn to places with a good food supply. To help reduce a scorpion’s desire to enter your home, as well as population around your home, work on controlling other pests. This often starts with keeping the yard clean and well maintained. Other insects will populate when trash is easy accessed. To help reduce scorpion populations make sure to secure your trash can to prevent feeding the insects that provide food for scorpions.

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For those who have a severe scorpion problem it may benefit you and your household to seek professional pest control services. A professional pest control service can come to your home once a month and apply pest control spray that is designed for scorpions. Regular pest control products you can get at the store will not cut it. The outer body of a scorpion is like a protective shell and much denser than other insects and arachnids. This shell is more resistant and many pest control products simply are not effective. A special pest control formula was designed to work on scorpions. For a quality pest control product, seek out the professionals. Scorpions can unleash a nasty sting and for some, it can cause severe allergic reactions. It is important to control and reduce scorpion populations around your house this coming summer. For quality pest control services, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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