How to Get Rid of Spotted Mexican Ground Squirrels in Castle Hills, TX; Habitat, Range & More

Texas is home to many species of squirrels that love invading our yards, gardens and homes. One particular species that is frequently found in the attic is the Mexican Ground squirrel. Mexican Ground squirrels can be found all throughout central Mexico, and the southwest regions of Texas. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share more about Mexican Ground squirrels and their behavior to better help homeowners protect their homes from squirrel invasions.

Identification of Spotted Mexican Ground Squirrels

When looking at a Mexican Ground squirrel you will see they are brown in color with nine rows of square shaped spots going down their back. They have a lighter color underbelly, either white or cream colored. Like other squirrels, the Mexican Ground squirrel has a bushy tail but it tends to lay rather flat. They have large black eyes that are outlined in white fur. The Mexican Ground squirrel has very small ears and ranges from 11 to 15 inches in length with the male being bigger than the females. You will often find Mexican Ground squirrels living on the ground near vegetation such as tall grass or bushy areas. They prefer areas with loose soil which is where they will dig their burrows deep into the ground.

Mexican Ground Squirrel Habitat, Diet Facts

Mexican Ground squirrels will breed during March and April. After mating, the females can have their kits or kittens (baby squirrels) within 23 to 28 days. The females will dig nesting chambers within her burrow and pad the area with grass. A single female can have between 1 and ten babies. However, usually they average around five young. Like many rodents, Mexican Ground squirrel babies are born hairless and their eyes have not finished developing. They will stay with their mother for three months. Once the kids leave their home, they will begin digging their own burrows. Mexican Ground squirrels are solitary and live in their burrows alone. It is not uncommon for there to be colony burrow systems in rich environments. However, they don’t interact with each other. Generally during the fall they look for a safe, warm place to hibernate through the cold winter season such as your attic! Mexican Ground squirrels like to eat seeds, nuts, grains, roots, as well as plant leaves and stems. They will also eat mice insects, and eggs. Mexican Ground squirrels are omnivorous which helps them to find various food sources throughout the year. Like many squirrels, Mexican Ground squirrels will store food (typically seeds and nuts) to be eaten later.

How to Prevent Yard Holes & Damage from Mexican Ground Squirrels

Mexican Ground squirrels are not typically a major invading species as they prefer living underground. However, they will invade homes and other structures when looking for food. Mexican Ground squirrels do like digging their burrows around lawns, gardens, and other urban landscapes. They can be very destructive on the landscape and even cause tripping hazards. To help keep them out of your yard, often it require the help of a professional pest control service. Deterrents and traps can be used to capture and relocate the animal.

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