How to Get Rid of Solitary Potter AKA Mason Wasps & Potter Wasp Nests in San Antonio, TX

There are many species of wasp that find nesting places near our homes. One species that really isn’t a major nuisance but is a constant invader is the potter or mason wasps. These wasps often go unnoticed but we seem to find little mud clumps everywhere around our yards and other structures. Most of the time the potter wasps will build their nest in very high to reach areas where it becomes a major pain to remove it from our home. A Five Star Termite and Pest Control will share more about these interesting wasps.

Solitary Potter Wasps

The potter wasps are not like most wasps where there is a queen and workers that build large nests and where they will aggressively defend their nest. The potter wasp is actually a solitary wasp that feeds on nectar and kills and catches caterpillars to store as food for their young. The potter wasps after mating will build a small vase shaped nest where the female potter wasp will lay a single egg. The potter wasp stores up to 12 caterpillars inside the vase shaped nest that a single larva will feed on.

Potter Wasp Identification

Adult potter wasps can grow up ¾ of an inch in length. A potter wasp is black with yellow, orange, or red stripes on its abdomen. Their wings are almost as long as their body and the wings lay on the side of its body instead of on its back. The potter wasp shares the similar body shape as any other wasp. However their bodies are longer.

Potter Wasps Kill Caterpillars

The potter wasps actually play a vital role in the ecosystem as they help maintain caterpillar population. However most people don’t like how these wasps will build the nest on the structure of their homes. It is recommended that you do not remove the nest until the potter lava has reached adulthood so they can continue to play their role in maintaining caterpillar population and pollinate so may of our plants. Female potter wasps may defend the nest if disturbed while she is building it to help defend her egg. Even so, in most cases potter wasps don’t actually sting people.

Potter Wasp & Stinging Insect Control Services in Cibolo, Universal City, New Braunfels & San Antonio Texas

Even though potter wasps are not a major problem for people, most still ask how to control them. Wasps are either solitary or social. The solitary species of wasps rarely cause any problems and only in a few cases have they been known to attack. However it is the social species of wasps that become the main concern. Wasps don’t die when they sting people and for those that have allergies to stings, they pose a serious problem. The best thing for a homeowner to stop a major threat from wasps is to remove the early stages of a nest when a single queen begins building the first part of it. However if a nest is well into development when discovered it is best to contact a professional pest control company. A Five Start Termite and Pest Control can help remove any wasp nest that is discovered on your property. Don’t risk you or your loved ones getting stung. Contact A Five Start Termite and Pest Control today and be wasp free.

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