How to Get Rid of Parson Spider Infestations in Redwood, TX to Avoid a Painful Bite!

There are a number of different creepy crawlies that are trying to invade your home. One of the most feared pest is spiders. Kentucky is home to many spiders and one that is commonly found invading homes is the Parson spider. Parson spiders are known to hide underneath furniture and inside clothing. Parson spiders can bite and depending on the person, one can have rather severe reactions. As parson spiders can have a harmful bite, they are a pest that needs to be controlled. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how to identify and control Parson spiders.

Parson Spider Bite

Parson spiders themselves are generally harmless and prefer to live outside. However, due to their size and for those that happen to be allergic to their venom, one can have severe swelling, fever, nausea, and pain. As Parson spiders can be a threat, it is important that they are controlled and not allowed to enter the home.

Where are Parson Spiders Found?

Parson spiders do not create webs. Instead they hunt for their food and typically look for a dark place to hide during the day. Outside they will hide in yard debris, firewood, and underneath rocks. When they happen to enter the home they like to hide underneath clothing and furniture. Encounters are typically accidental, but when these spiders feel threatened, they will bite.

Identification of Parson Spiders

Parson spiders are gray, black or brown in color and have lighter colored markings on their cephalothorax and abdomen. Parson spiders are able to reach one inch in length and have a robust body. Parson spiders are also covered in fuzzy hairs and look like velvet in appearance.

Parson Spider Pest Prevention

Preventing parson spiders starts like any other pest. You must reduce food sources. Parson spiders are hunter spiders that feed on insects and other spiders. To help reduce a parson spider population around your home, start by controlling their food sources. This will include keeping the yard and inside of the home clean. Avoid leaving food for pets outside or leave garbage cans open for cockroaches and other insects to find. Parson spiders will find these pests tasty. Next, keep the yard well maintained and avoid dense vegetation or overgrowth for pests to use as shelter. Keep firewood away from the home. Store the wood as far away as possible. It is never good to have firewood next to the home or too close to the door. Parson spiders will wander indoors in search of food. To help keep these spiders from entering your home, you will want to make sure doors and windows properly close. At times door or window weather-stripping may need to be replaced as well as the window screens.

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