How to Get Rid of Invasive Species Red Imported Fire Ants that Live in La Vernia, TX

There are some pests that are nasty little creatures to have around the house. They are a mess and will leave behind droppings and other bacteria that might be dangerous to your family. There are other pests such as ants that can also cause some trouble if you stumble upon a colony. They are usually a large colony that has thousands of ants that can and will bite if you step near their home. Fire ants are a problem for homeowners and they need to dealt with appropriately to ensure that they don’t cause trouble. One problem is that they will start to tear up your yard. They use your yard as their home and although they live underground they will dig and cause a mound to form at the entrance. They also have a bite that is quite painful and that will make it hard for your kids and pets to play in the yard.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Explains Ways to Get Rid Of Fire Ants

What Are Fire Ants: There are several species of ants and fire ants are one that tend to be a real problem. They live in extremely large colonies that can even reach up to a half a million in total. They are active from the spring time all the way through the fall and could even span into the winter if the weather is a bit milder. The mound that the ants are living under don’t usually have an entrance at the top center like the majority of other ant species. They will come in and out of the hill from other tunnels. The mound is important and if they sense anything disturbing the mound or other parts of their home they will come above the ground and start to sting. The sting is aggressive and will cause some pain if you are on the other end.
Home Remedies to Get Rid of Fire Ants: There are several types of treatments you can find for an at home process but they are not always a great option. Some people think that you can simply soak the area and drown out the ants. This won’t work because they will disperse and just pop up in another area. The treatment that is one that can work takes a lot of effort. You need to get several five gallon buckets and a shovel. Dig the dirt around the area that they are living and place in the buckets. Then take the buckets that have the ants and the dirt and dump them in an area that they can live without causing problems. This is hard work, has a high risk of stings and can take a lot of time which is why it is best to hire a professional.
Hiring A Professional Pest Control Company: When you are dealing with a fire ant infestation they can be very invasive and the colony so large that it is best to let a professional handle it. We have the equipment and knowledge to come out and treat the area so that you don’t have to worry about them getting in the house. When you start to notice the presence of fire ants make sure you call right away.

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