How to Get Rid of Grass Spiders in My Hollywood Park, TX Yard; Identification, Habitat & More

One of the most commonly misidentified spiders out there is the grass spider. Most people look at a grass spider and assume they are either a wolf or hobo spider which are both rather aggressive spiders. Grass spiders are rather shy spiders that typically stay outdoors. However, they are found wandering into our homes from time to time. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share more about Grass spiders and how to prevent them from wandering into your home.

Grass Spider Identification Compared to Wolf & Hobo Spiders

Grass spiders are found all throughout America and share many common traits as both the wolf spider and hobo spider. They all are larger spiders, ranging between 1½ inches to 2 inches long, and share similar coloring and markings. Additionally, all three spiders are covered in tiny hairs. Grass spiders, even though large, don’t quite get as big as hobo spiders and are less robust than the wolf spider. Grass spiders have slightly thinner legs and body than wolf spiders. What also make grass spiders different from wolf and hobo spiders is their behavior. Grass spiders spin webs in tall grass and in dense vegetation. Wolf spiders are roamers that don’t spin webs. Hobo spiders like the ground and will hide in holes or underneath debris.

Grass Spider Habitat in Lawns & Yards

Grass spiders don’t usually invade homes, even during the fall or winter seasons. They prefer vegetation over human structures. If their home was recently disturbed either due to landscaping or even construction, they may roam looking for another suitable place to live. They never stay in a home long or on purpose as other spiders may, unless they have found a site with plenty of food. Grass spiders eat a number of lawn insects and other spiders which helps keep a number of pests at bay. In a sense, they are providing a valuable service in keeping lawn or landscape pests down.

Are Grass Spiders Venomous?

Grass spiders are venomous, which helps them kill their prey. However, grass spider venom isn’t harmful to humans. They are also very shy spiders that tend to avoid humans and other predators. Some people have had a severe allergic reaction to their venom, which required some medical care.

How to Prevent Grass Spiders

Grass spiders can be found all over the yard and especially in those yards that are unkempt or have lots of vegetation. To help reduce the number of grass spiders in your yard, you should maintain the surrounding landscaping. By keeping grass and other bushes and shrubs pruned and maintained, you will help to discourage grass spiders. AReducing a spider’s food source is another key aspect to pest control. To reduce their food source basically means controlling other pests such as crickets, cockroaches and other spiders. To help reduce other insects outside the home, you should never leave pet food or discarded food outside and unprotected. Keep garbage bags sealed and lids firmly on trash cans. Clean up any yard debris and clutter around the yard and home to help prevent sheltering other insects and spiders. For those who store firewood, make sure to keep the firewood stack at least a foot off of the ground and away from the home.

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