How to Get Rid of Crows in My Marion, TX Backyard; Keep Roosting Crow Birds Away from Nests & More

The crow is a common species of bird that is found throughout the United States. Crows are well known for their intelligence which can make them difficult to control. Crows have been able to adapt to urban and rural settings and can pose a major nuisance. For businesses or homes with a major crow problem, A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share more about the crow and some of the best pest control methods.

What Do Crows Look Like?

Crows are highly intelligent birds that will invade homes and businesses. Crows are a large black bird that measure 17 to 21 inches in length. Crows will also have black feet and a black bill. Crows typically gather in large groups around gardens, crops, and fruit orchards. However, crows will also gather around business environments particularly around restaurants where crows can dig into garbage cans and discarded food. Crows will invade any area where they can find food, water and shelter. Crows will hide underneath the eaves along the roof and nest in trees and on roof tops. Crows can cause a lot of damage as they tend to flock in large groups. They will destroy crops as well as buildings. To prevent a major crow invasion, you will want to prevent feeding, watering or sheltering crows. By preventing crows from nesting around your home or business, you will help avoid damage to your building and surrounding property.

Keep Crows Away from Nests

For business or homes with crow problems, you will want to start by inspecting sites where crows can roost or nest. For homes or commercial buildings with rain gutters, exposed soffits, eaves, chimneys, and roof top HVAC systems, know that crows love to roost and nest in these sites. Crows also like buildings near rivers, woods and parks. To prevent crows from roosting or nesting on top of or near your building or home, you may need to cover or close them off with netting or wiring meshing. You will want to cover any gaps or holes where birds will find a prime place to nest. After covering nesting and roosting sites, you can also place spike strips along the edges of rooftops, ledges and other features that crows and other birds may frequently land on.

Remove Crow Food & Water Sources

After you prevent the nesting and roosting of crows, you will want to remove any water or food sources. As crows have a very diverse diet, it can be hard to avoid feeding crows. However, you will want to do want you can to avoid feeding the crows. To avoid feeding crows, make sure garbage is sealed and trash cans are always closed. For those with pets, avoid leaving pet food outside and unattended. For homes with gardens, consider covering it will a netting or protective barrier to help keep crows away from your produce. Next, you will want to prevent standing or collecting water outside that crows can use to drink. Look for any sites where water can collect and repair or prevent water from collecting. You may need to repair plumbing outside, your gutters as well as roof leaks.

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