How to Get Rid of Crazy Ants in Electronics & Electrical Appliances in San Antonio, TX

Everyone has come into contact with several species of ant at one time or another. With over 12,000 species, chances are you have met quite a few different ones just living your everyday lives. One of the common ants found throughout Texas today is the Crazy Ant. We at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control would like expound on them.

Rasberry AKA Tawny Crazy Ant

Crazy ants are referenced by many different names that include tawny crazy ant, hair crazy ant and rasberry ant. In 2012, it was actually a Texas exterminator named Tom Rasberry that came across these ants moving in an erratic swarm and they took his name! No matter what you call them, this particular species is wildly invasive and with dense population, their infestation is of epic proportions.

Ants Attracted to Electricity & Electrical Appliances

Their frantic and erratic movement is how crazy ants earned their name; however, their bizarre attraction to electrical equipment is what has people scratching their heads. An estimated $146 million in electrical damages a year is due to crazy ants. Releasing a pheromone scent upon electrocution will signal other crazy ants to rush onto to the battlefield, leading to a domino effect where more ants get electrocuted, releasing excessive pheromones in the air, attracting another wave of crazy ants to come to the scene. When the dead ants pile up, it will cause the entire electrical system to short out.

Crazy Ant Identification

Crazy ants are identified with a few distinct characteristics that include the following:
– Reddish-brown coloring.
– Measuring tiny; approximately 1/8” in length.
– Long course hairs scattered on their bodies.
– Both male and female feature wings, but females shed wings after mating. Though they have wings they rarely fly.
– A small round terminal orifice that contains venom is surrounded by a ring of hairs, this known as an acidopore.
– Absent a stinger but their bites deliver the venom.
– Rapid erratic movement.

Crazy Ants Queens & Colonies

Living in both dry and moist climates, crazy ants are very adaptable. Breaking from the traditional mounds or nests that other species of ants construct, crazy ants live in tree cavities, plants, soil found under clutter or stones, yard clippings, and inside electrical equipment. When the weather changes, they often seek refuge inside buildings as they cannot survive in cold climates. Though the individual crazy ant colonies tend to be small, each has a surprising number of queens. Because there are so many queens, they quickly develop super colonies that rapidly multiply from a few thousand ants to millions of ants. Crazy ants will forage a considerable distance from where they live. Randomly and rapidly searching for food, these ants are omnivorous feeding on living and dead insects, honeydew, fruits, plant secretions, seeds and a number of household edibles including grease, meats, sweets, produce, and liquids.

Crazy Ant Inspections, Control, Treatment, Removal & More in Cibolo, Universal City, New Braunfels & San Antonio Texas

Because of their habits and numbers, crazy ants can be a challenge to remove from your home or business especially before they manage to cause damage to electrical systems. If you believe you have crazy ants inside your residence or workplace, it is highly recommended you call for professional assistance. A Five Star Termite and Pest Control can deliver pest control services to thoroughly remove the threat of crazy ants. Call us as soon as possible to get started.

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