How to Get Rid of Bats & Guano in Your Attic & Outside Your La Vernia, TX House

In the United States you can find 47 different species of bats. Here in the great state of Texas you can find 32 of these species. No other state in America is home to as many different species of bats as Texas. Tourists flock to Texas to watch the bats at some of the best bat-watching sites in the world. Today we will be talking about the different bats that are commonly found in the state of Texas.

Mexican Long-Tongued Bat Pollination

The Mexican long-tongued bat has an interesting function that sets itself apart from many of the other bat species. As they migrate from Central America to the southern United States they stay by the corridors of agave plants. As they travel, they pollinate the agave plants that are then used to produce two of Mexico’s staple liquors – tequila and mescal.

What Does the Mexican Long-Nosed Bat Eat

Similar to the Mexican long-tongued bat, the Mexican long-nosed bat is a major pollinator. The Mexican long-tongued bat pollinates night-blooming cactus flowers. Both the Mexican long-nosed and long-tongued bats have very long tongues that allow them to reach into the bottom of lowers and feed on the nectar at the bottom.

Eastern Red Bat Diet

The Eastern red bat has distinctive brick red fur on its back that is frosted with white. Its ears are short and rounded, its wings long and pointed, and its tail long. With its long wings, the Eastern red bat is able to snatch its prey while flying. They actually somersault in the air and close its tail and wings around its prey. They eat their prey before flying away.

Hoary Bat Migration

One of the most wide spread bats in the United States is the hoary bat. Male and female hoary bats are migratory, but their migratory patterns differ from male to female. Hoary bats like to eat insects. Their diet consists of flies, beetles, grasshoppers, and dragonflies.

Northern Yellow Bat Wingspan

The Northern Yellow bat is one of the largest bats in the eastern United States. Its fur ranges in color from yellowish orange or brown to nearly gray. Groups of Northern Yellow bats often live in a single tree or group of trees. They eat leafhoppers, damselflies, small flies, beetles, and flying ants.

Silver Haired Bat Habitat

The silver-haired bat can be found in most of the United States and all over the state of Texas. It is a medium-sized bat with black hair and frosted white tips. This species of bats are typically found in woodland and forest areas that are close to streams, ponds, or rivers. In winter they may hibernate inside hollow trees, under loose bark, in rock crevices, caves or mines, or inside buildings.

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While observing the different species of bats in their natural habitats can be a magnificent experience, observing them on your property is something you could do without; especially with the harmful guano they leave behind that can transmit histoplasmosis and other illnesses. If you currently have bats on your property, getting rid of them without professional help can be tough. Here at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control we can help you get rid of the bats at your house. Give us a call today!

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