How to Get Rid of American Cockroach Insects in Live Oak, TX; Life Cycle, Diet, Habitat & More

Throughout most places on the globe, cockroaches have been creeping and crawling around, and Texas is no exception. Roaches are notorious for spreading germs, bacteria, and disease as well as triggering allergies and asthma attacks in addition to the high-pitched squeaks and heebie-jeebies. American cockroaches are among the most common in the United States as well as Texas. With this in mind, we at A Five Termite & Pest Control would like to further elaborate on American cockroaches.

What Do American Cockroaches Look Like?

Not only are American cockroaches among the most popular species, but they are also one of the biggest; ranging from 1 ½” and 2” long. From multiple shades of brown, reddish brown, and mahogany, their colors can vary a bit. However, no matter what the primary color is, American roaches are marked with a yellow band just behind their head. Though they rarely fly, American cockroaches have fully developed wings by the time they are adults. Their flight is often described as clumsy and awkward, but their speed and grace come from the incredible speeds they run. As they are among the fastest insects, American roaches have been clocked in at running at 3 miles per hour, which is the equivalent of a person running 210 miles per hour. This attribute allows them to better evade predators and dash out of sight if the lights flicker on during their nocturnal activities.

Life Cycle of American Cockroach

Once these roaches are adults, they can live for about year if they survive that long. The females can produce up to 150 hatchlings. Their life cycles consist of egg, nymph, and adult, which they morph through their cycles rapidly. The eggs will hatch within 6-8 weeks and depending on the environment and surrounding circumstances, it takes them 6-12 months for them to become adults.

What Do American Cockroaches Eat?

Being omnivorous, the American cockroach’s diet is not specific and they will eat most things such as organic matter such as soiled clothing, glue, hair, pet food, beer, cheese, meats, plants, leather, cosmetics, other insects, paper products, and are partial to fermented fruit. Though these cockroaches can survive without water for up to 2 weeks, they do require it. Typically, they do prefer to stay close to water sources and as such as are commonly nesting in or close to sewers and drains.

Do American Cockroaches Infest Houses?

In addition to preferring to be close to water, American cockroaches also like the dark, damp, and warm locations to hide in. Places like close to your home’s foundation, beneath porches, in crawl spaces and in dark cracks and crevices are frequently attracting these roaches. When the weather produces cooler temperatures, the American cockroach will seek shelter to escape the cold, often resulting them into infiltrating your home. Being primarily nocturnal, they avoid sunlight and will also shy away from other light sources as well.

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