How to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest Without Getting Stung in Seguin, TX; Identification, Professional Removal & More

There are lots of pests you might see around your home in the summer months. You might see an increase in butterflies, houseflies, beetles, ants, cockroaches and bees. Another type of pest that you could see are wasps. They are sometimes confused with bees but they usually are larger and have a segmented body that sets them apart. There are several types of wasps and they are in a nuisance at the least and in the worst case can be a life threatening risk. They are not a pest that you want to mess with because they have a stinger and can offer you a painful sting. They carry a venom that can be painful and even dangerous if you are allergic to this type of sting. You want to make sure that if you see wasps you leave them alone but if you happen upon a nest you need to act. The best thing to do is to have information that you can share with a professional pest control company so that they can act fast and remove the nest when they arrive. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what you want to do when you find a wasp nest around your house.

Do You Have a Wasp Nest On Your Property?

The first thing that you want to do is to find out if you have a nest on your property or not. There are some signs that exist that tell you that you have more than a few scattered wasps. If you are seeing active wasps coming and going on your property through the day then you could have a nest. If you see that there are swarms of wasps around a particular area of the home you could have a nest as well.

Wasp Nest Identification

Once you recognize that there is more wasps and that you likely have a nest you want to see about spotting it. You want to go out when they seem to be the least active. This is possibly in the night when they have bunkered down. You want to keep your eye out for a nest and depending on the species they can all look different. A paper wasp has a papery like nest that looks like an umbrella placed upside down. Another could be a mud dauber that use mud to create a nest that they can live in. A pile of mud that is building up on the home is a sign that you found the nest. You also could have a nest that is being made in the walls or a space in the house that is exposed. You want to leave no area unchecked and sometimes the path of the wasps is your best way to know where to start your look.

Don’t Try to Knock Down a Wasp Nest

There are some people that say you can spray the nest down with a hose, knock it down with a broom and even place a bag over it to stop the wasps from getting around. The problem is that these are all dangerous and could lead the wasps becoming angry and attacking. That is why it is best to ask a professional to come out and remove the nest for you.

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