How to Control Pests in Your Windcrest, TX Home; Exterior Pest Prevention to Keep Pest Infestations Away

It doesn’t matter the climate you live in, pests will always be an issue, except perhaps Antarctica, which we are not sure if the trade off is worth it. With the little critters that crawl and creep into your home, having uninvited guests is fairly common. With the possibilities, it is in your best interest to take a few precautions into hindering those little pestilences from gaining entry into your abode. We at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to share a few tips on keeping common pests from intruding into your home. One thing is for sure, keeping pests out of your home is more important than most realize. Between insects and wild animals, you, your loved ones and your home is at risk.

Property Damage from Rodents, Birds, Wildlife & Other Pests

Rodents, pigeons and other such wild animals can come into your home or on top of it, and potentially cause damage to the structure, or the commodities of your home and attack your possessions. On their quest for food, water, and nesting constructs, your home and the contents therein can be gnawed through, scratched and destroyed in a short time, leaving you with costly repairs. Most wild critters can easily transmit disease, usually through their fecal matter, contaminating exposed food, and the surfaces you prepare food. Pests such as scorpions, spiders, cockroaches, crickets and ants are other common annoyances that can bring with them their own devastation. Pests can easily destroy the building and your belongings, spreading diseases, flaring up allergies, and delivering painful and perhaps venomous stings and bites. In a nutshell, safeguarding your home from pests is better for your home and your health.

Exterior Pest Prevention Tips

– Inspect your home from top to bottom and all around. Any crevices, cracks, gaps and holes need be sealed appropriately.
– Vents and service pipes need to be properly covered.
– Window and door screens should be snugly in place, and repaired if necessary.
– If needed install weather stripping on your doors and ensure the windows are not in need of repair.
– Repair any leaky water sources.
– Avoid keeping pet food available 24/7.
– Keep your landscape well manicured. Prune trees, trim bushes and hedge grass away from your home.
– Remove clutter from your yard. If it is materials you intend on holding on, neatly organize it away from the home if possible.
– Secure trash can lids and clean out the bins periodically.

How to Prevent Pests in Your House or Apartment

– Follow suit on any repairs that can attract pests, the holes and crack, water leaks.
– Clear out pantry and cupboards and dispose of crumbs and stale foods. Store food packaged in cardboard, paper, or flimsy plastic in sealable containers designed for freshness and pest proof.
– Clear away clutter materials, magazines, books, linens, and such, and keep them in a proper place. If necessary, throw away, donate or recycle undesirable items.
– Clean trash bins periodically and keep lids secure.
– Enlist professional pest control maintenance.

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