How to Check for & Get Rid of Infestations of Bed Bugs Fast in Marion, TX; Inspection & Treatment

When a homeowner discovers bed bugs in their home, there are many steps they can take to begin controlling these blood sucking pests. Bed bugs require professional aid to ensure the home is pest free. However, there are steps the homeowner can take to aid in bud bug treatment and control such as thoroughly cleaning their home. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share a homeowner’s guide to bed bug control.

Bed Bug House Cleaning

One of the common bed bug hot spots in the home is in the bedroom near the bed. The other common place is in the living room. Even though bed bugs are most often found in bedrooms and in living rooms make sure to treat the entire home as they can be anywhere in the home. When controlling bed bugs the primary focus will involve cleaning the home. Starting in the bedroom, begin by stripping the bed down to the mattress, wash all bedding in hot water and dry them using high heat. Make sure to also throw the pillows in the dryer and run the pillows through a hot cycle. Back to the mattress; it is recommended to seek professional steam mattress cleaning. However, you can also clean the mattress yourself. Begin by thoroughly vacuuming the mattress on all of its sides. Make sure to vacuum the box springs as well. If possible, you should steam clean the mattress and box springs to kill any bed bugs, nymphs or eggs that may be on the mattress. When cleaning the mattress inspect the bed frames as bed bugs will hide in covers or cracks that are often on bed frames. Then vacuum to clean every crack and crevice of the bed frame. When cleaning the bedroom, you will also want to wash the curtains in the same manner. Additionally, steam clean the carpets and thoroughly clean other furniture such as nightstands, chairs, and dressers. Use the vacuum and with the hose clean along baseboards, door and window trim and even the light sockets. Bed bugs like to stay as close to the host as possible, but they are known to travel six feet to feed. Essentially, you will need to do a thorough cleaning of the bed bug site. You will want to take the same steps in the living room. Vacuum and steam clean the carpet and all the furniture. Wash all of the curtains, rugs, pet bedding and other washable items. Bed bugs love cloth so they tend to hide in cloth covered items. Be detailed when cleaning the living room and other parts of the home. Bed bugs are sensitive to heat and can be killed with proper cleaning. Before or during your detailed house cleaning, make sure to seek professional pest control services that provide bed bug inspection and treatment.

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Unfortunately, cleaning your home will not completely get rid of bed bugs! If you need help ridding your home of bed bugs or other pests, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control and schedule our services today. We offer effective bed bug inspection and removal services.

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