How Rodent Exclusion Works in San Antonio, TX; Rat, Mice & Squirrel Proofing Your Home with Wire Mesh Screen Materials, Expanding Foam & More

One of the worst pests that you sometimes have to deal with are rodents. They are a nasty pest that is known not only for their destruction but their filthy living habits as well. The rodent family includes rats, mice, squirrels and much more. The main household rodents that make their way into your home are the rat and mouse. They are a problem in homes and can be extremely difficult to get rid of. They cause damage while on the hunt for materials to nest with. They will chew through books, wires, insulation and packaging. This can lead to dangers in your home that will need to be repaired by a professional. The other part of an infestation that should cause some concern is their living conditions. Rodents are not clean and they walk through their own feces and urine which means they are carrying them onto your counters and surfaces. That can easily spread bacteria to the surfaces which can cause you to become sick. You never want to let a rodent infestation go untreated because it can become a serious problem very fast. Rodent exclusion is the best way to not only control but prevent rodents from entering your home.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Explains How Rodent Exclusion Works

Rodent Proofing Your Home: If you have any concern about rodents getting in or near your home, prevention is the way to go. Halting a problem before it happens will stop any damage or infestation, whereas if you wait it out you may have a lot more to deal with. Rodent exclusion is a service that a professional company offers to not only inspect and treat but also prevent rodents. The exclusion service starts with a comprehensive inspection where a knowledgeable technician will come out and check for areas that rodents may be entering. The report will be written to show the homeowner the areas of concern. Then a custom treatment plan can be prepared which may include treatment of a current infestation of rodents such as mice or rats. Once the rats and mice and other rodents are dealt with, preventative methods are used. The prevention will include sealing up any areas that rodents can use to get in your home. To seal up this possible entry points, we use wire mesh, hardware cloth, foam insulation and other materials. This is a great preventative method and a professional technician can locate these areas with our trained eye. The best part about most rodent exclusion services is that the work is guaranteed and if you see that a rodent is using one of the areas that was sealed, we will come back at no cost to you. We will check the area and re-seal it if necessary as well as treat for any rodents that have made it in your home.
Why Use Rodent Exclusion Barriers?: Dealing with an infestation on your own can be overwhelming. You may decide that traps will work and while you are catching a single rodent at a time they are reproducing faster than you can keep up with. Poison is not safe around other animals and small children so the job may be too big for a homeowner to deal with. Rodent exclusion is well worth the cost and is a great way to keep rodents out of your home.

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