How Pests Get into Apartments & How to Prepare Your Unit for Pest Control in St Hedwig, TX

Apartment living is an optimal option for many Americans. Living in an apartment brings a plethora of benefits, and many prefer it to owning a house. Neighbors share quite a bit due to the nature of an apartment complex. A cup a sugar, noises, and smells are a few things shared among the tenants. However, though the walls, floors, and utility lines are shared, most prefer not to share the pests. In apartments, pest control can be a difficult challenge as the apartment infestations can potentially be amplified and due to the close proximity, the root of the infestation can be hard to pinpoint. As mentioned, the shared utility lines, floors, and walls make for excellent conduits, allowing the pests to travel easily to one apartment to another. Ventilation slats for HVAC system units, improper weather stripping on doors and windows, open windows and doors, and even potted plants can be likely culprits to pest infestations, but there are countless other means. Some of the most common pests to apartments are roaches, bed bugs, birds, wasps, rodents, birds, ants and flies. Though some of these infestations can be unavoidable, others can be avoided, or least, controlled. Today, we at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to share some other ways pests get into your apartment.

Pests Get into Apartments Via Boxes

Many insects are drawn to cardboard boxes and as they get shipped to different locations, they have an increased risk of picking hitch-hikers. These insects can be set free into your apartment after getting innocently shipped to your home. If you can, inspect the box outdoors as soon as you get them, otherwise, do it a well-lit area as soon as possible. Also, grocery deliveries often bring cockroaches.

Pests Can Travel from Work, Hotel Rooms & More

Any type of infestation can be present in any lodging or public establishments. You can unknowingly bring in many types of pests, though bed bugs are the most common. Insects can stow away in your luggage where they will then quietly settle into your apartment and begin multiplying. Be sure to inspect your luggage the moment you returned home and vacuum out the empty bag.

Pests Can Hide in Used Couches & Other Second Hand Furniture

The stunning pieces of furniture you find that are previously owned can easily be harboring pests. If there is one that adore and fits your apartment’s décor, be sure to inspect it thoroughly before bringing it into your home. Be sure to treat the furniture before bringing it in your home, if you find even a single bug.

Pest Prevention & How to Prepare Apartment for Pest Control

To decrease or even avoid pest infestations from happening, taking the right steps is the best course of action. In an effort to help you avoid pests in your apartment, apply the below steps.
– Wash the garbage bins monthly with hot soapy water, take the trash out often, and ensure the lids are secure.
– Routinely wipe up the countertops often preparing food and daily sweep and spot mop the floors.
– Vacuum daily.
– Clean pet’s bowls and the area around them well cleaned.
– In sealed, pest-proof containers, store your dry pet food and pantry items.
– Routinely check faucets, pipes, and appliances for drips and leaks. Repair immediately if any are found.
– Look to see if your lease’s terms include pest control. If they do not, invest in professional maintenance.

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