How Might Weather Conditions Affect a Pest Outbreak in Bulverde, TX? What Kind of Weather Do Pests Prefer?

The change in the types of pests that you see has a lot to do with the temperature outside. Some of the temperatures are great for one pests but not good for another. Although the temperature outside changes the type of pests that you will see it is not really the only thing that affects the pests. There are other weather conditions that make a change in the pests and the need for pest control throughout any season or weather condition. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines how different Weather conditions affect pests.

Why are Bugs & Pests Worse After Rain?

If you are in weather conditions that seem to have a bit of wetness or rainfall you may notice an influx of pests in your home. The wet weather means that there is more moisture outside and that is just what many pests need to reproduce. When the moisture expands pests such as ants, spiders and cockroaches come out in full force. They are not only going to reproduce more abundantly but they also will need to eat more. This is why you will start to see more and more of them about with this type of weather. The pests that don’t want to deal with the extra rain and moisture will surely be looking for a dry spot to get away from it all and that can easily be your house.

What Happens to Insects & Pests in Dry Weather?

When the weather outside is dry and there is little moisture to be found the opposite occurs. The pests will not be able to reproduce due to the lack of water but they will still invade. The pests that are left in the dry weather will be looking for water and often times that leads them to your home. That can be in your garden and even indoors. They will be much more frantic in their search for water and moisture and that can cause a serious infestation. This is an extremely important time to continue your pest control services.

What Happens to Bugs & Pests when it Floods?

Moisture in the air is great for many pests and their reproduction but flooding may be too much for most. The flooding will be bad for many pests but there is one pest that will use the flooding to help travel. Ants will be able to use the water from the flood to travel from one area to the next really quickly. You may not have an issue with ants and an hour later be infested with a colony of ants. This is why even when the weather is flooding it is extremely important to have pest control services.

Do Bugs & Pests Slow Down in the Cold Weather?

The cold weather also affects many pests and causes them to go into hibernation or they die off. That does not go for all pests and there are still quite a few that can be a problem even when the temperatures reach quite low. The cold will actually cause spiders and rodents running for cover and food into homes. Homes are a great place to find food in abundance as well as great hiding places to nest.

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