How Long Does a Scorpion Sting Last & How to Keep Scorpions Away from Your Converse, TX Home

Living in Texas means living with about 20 species of scorpions. The poisonous bark scorpion is one of them. Bark scorpions are about two inches long, with eight legs. They have a pair of lobster-like pincers and a tail that curves up. Scorpions will move into your home when they need food or shelter and will hide in concealed places. On average, scorpions live for three to five years but have been known to live for up to 15 years. That’s bad news if they decide to make your home theirs. Scorpions glow electric scarab green under ultraviolet light. This glow comes from a substance found in the hyaline layer, a very thin but super tough coating in a part of the scorpion’s exoskeleton called the cuticle. Scorpions are nocturnal, making it hard to see when you have a problem. Use a black light when the sun goes down and you’ll know pretty quickly.

Can You Die from a Scorpion Sting?

Scorpions resist stinging unless provoked or attacked. 60% of those stung by scorpions are stung on their hands or feet. If you have seen scorpions in or around your home, you need to be very careful. Scorpions are really good at hiding. Any concealed location could have a scorpion lurking. Do not walk around barefoot or reach into areas where scorpions may be hiding. They are good at hiding in spots that are often overlooked, like under pots, rocks or outdoor furniture. Scorpion stings are painful but rarely life-threatening. Local reactions can last 7 to 10 days. Young children and older adults are most at risk of serious complications. The bark scorpion is the only scorpion species with venom potent enough to cause severe symptoms. You may experience pain that can be intense, numbness and tingling, slight swelling and warmth. Anything worse than that requires medical care as you may be suffering from a severe allergic reaction. Very few deaths from scorpion stings have been reported in the United States.

How to Get Rid of Scorpions

You can take steps to discourage scorpions from coming into your yard. You just need to eliminate anything that might attract them.
• Scorpions feast on insects so try and reduce their food supply around your home.
• Be kind to spiders that kill scorpions and other scorpion predators.
• Fill any cracks and crevices to your home.
• Keep your vegetation neat and trim and leave a space between your home and plants.
• Clear out brush piles and inspect your woodpile frequently.
A good pest control company like A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help reduce the number of scorpions you see with routine perimeter treatments and seal any openings they will use to gain entry. Entire exclusion may depend on the location of your home, the age of your home, how well you maintain your home and more.

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Scorpions typically don’t want confrontation with humans and will likely avoid you. However, they can sting and show up unexpectedly, so you probably don’t want them around your home. Are you worried about a scorpion infestation in your home? Contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to help you out with scorpions and other pests!

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