How Easily Do Bed Bugs Transfer & Do I Avoid a Bed Bug Infestation During the Holidays in Garden Ridge, TX?

With the holiday season you may find yourself entertaining a number of guests and even have family and friends as extended house guests. What most people don’t realize is that the holidays can bring more than family and friends; they can also bring in bed bugs. Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers and invade homes by crawling in luggage, backpacks, purses, and even on clothing. You can bring them home during a holiday vacation or by visiting holiday house guests. This is the time to be on guard and be prepared. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how you can prevent bed bugs this holiday season.

How Easily Do Bed Bugs Transfer?

As stated, bed bugs are hitchhikers, which is how they invade homes. If not kept in check they can breed and infest a home in a short period of time. Most people associate bed bugs with their bed due to their name. To a point, this is true. Bedbugs feed on blood, particularly human blood since we have less hair. They feed during the nighttime and will hide near a food source during the day. This is why they are often found hiding in mattresses. However, they will also thrive in furniture, typically couches and sofas as well. Bed bugs can go a long time between feedings, which means you can’t starve them out. You will need to deal with them head on. Dealing with bed bugs often involves frequent cleaning.

Will Cleaning Help Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Cleaning is a major step in keeping bed bugs in check. Bedding should be washed weekly using hot water and dried using high heat. Heat kills bedbugs and it is important to prevent an infestation. After washing bedding the mattress should be vacuumed. It is recommended that you use a bed bug mattress and pillow cover to prevent bed bugs from infesting your bed. After vacuuming you may want to have your mattress steam cleaned to kill any bedbugs that are left. Deep mattress cleaning is only needed if an infestations occurs, or every 6 to 12 months as a step toward prevention. After tending to the bed, make sure to vacuum and clean your furniture as well. Make sure to also wash linens such as curtains and table cloths. Bedbugs like to hide on fabric or rough surfaces that they can grip on to. They cannot climb on smooth surface such as glass or metal which is why many pest control technicians suggest you use metal bed frames. Lastly make sure to regularly vacuum carpets and rugs so there are no bedbugs hiding in the carpet or underneath the rug.

How Can I Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs Home?

When coming from out of town you will want to first wash all of the linens and clothing in hot water. Vacuum out your luggage and bags as soon as you get home. Put all baggage in the bathtub as you walk through your home. Wash and clean your luggage and all your clothing. In the event you have bedbugs riding home with you, this will help prevent them from spreading.

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By following these basic tips, you can help prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. However, if you find your home has been invaded by bed bugs, contact the professionals. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can treat your home for bed bugs and walk through the steps to provide you a bed bug free home. For all of your pest control needs, contact us today.

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