How Does Climate Change Affect Bugs & Pests in Garden Ridge, TX; Giant Insects, New Pest Infestations & More

Even though climate change happens gradually over the course of hundreds of years, we are starting to see the effects of it around the world. In many places, there are severe storms that feel more frequent. Other places are seeing an actual rise in the temperature. One thing that many people probably haven’t realized is that there is an impact on insects when the climate changes as well. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about how climate change can affect insects as well as the environment we live in.

Do Insects Survive Winter?

For most insects, there is a time every year, in the winter, that they are dormant. They either go into hibernation deep in the ground, or they migrate to a different, warmer location. With rising temperatures in many areas, the pests that live there are experiencing longer seasons in which they can thrive. This means that they have longer periods where they can reproduce, and people are seeing a rise in the number of insects they are seeing.

New Areas of Pest Infestation

Like mentioned above, several insect species will actually migrate to different locations that are warmer to survive the winter months. Because there are so many areas that are experiencing warmer temperatures, these insects are migrating to new locations. All it takes is for the temperature to increase a few degrees to make it a hospitable place for insects.

Giant Insects? Are Bugs Growing Bigger?

With the longer periods of time that these insects are thriving with warmer temperatures, this means that insects have time to grow larger and larger. So not only are their colonies growing larger, but their actual body size is also getting bigger as well. Pests that are getting larger in size have the ability to wreak more havoc on your property, which can be a problem.

Increased Insect Resistance to Pesticides

You may be thinking, “no big deal, I will leave it up to pest professionals to get rid of these pests.” While this may be true, pests are becoming more and more resistant to pesticides as their body size and their colonies grow larger. This means that those over the counter remedies that you have been able to buy in the past to get rid of the pests on your property probably won’t cut it anymore. Now more than ever, you will be needing the help of pest professionals to get rid of these stubborn and resilient pests.

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