How Do You Tell if there are Fleas in Your House & How to Get Rid of Flea Infestations in St. Hedwig, TX

Fleas can become a problem in homes, even more so in homes that have pets. Not having pets does not mean that you won’t ever have issues with fleas. The people that lived in your home before you may have had problems or they can be brought into your home other ways. If you have animals running through your backyard, they may be the source of a flea problem you’re experiencing because hairy animals like rabbits, rats, mice, foxes and livestock like pigs are inviting for fleas. Fleas are parasites and their bites are cause for concern. The bites ae not painful but can cause an uncomfortable itch or rash and your pets can develop allergies to the saliva of fleas.

Signs of Fleas in House

Does your pet seem to be in some discomfort? Are they constantly biting or scratching at their fur? It might be a skin infection but it could also be fleas breeding in their fur. You might see fleas crawling on your pet. Fleas are red brown in color and about 0.08 inches in length. The spots they are most likely found on your pet is their hindquarters for dogs and the head and neck of cats. Check your pets coat for pepper-looking flakes or “flea dirt” that is actually flea feces. A good way to do this is to get a white piece of paper and use a flea comb to make it easier to see them. Inspect your pets bedding for flea dirt too.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home

Getting fleas in your home will make your skin crawl and can happen through no fault of your you’re your pets may be clean but can pick them up from other animals or places and bring them right into your home. It’s very important to recognize the signs of fleas and get rid of them quickly. Prevent or get rid of them by vacuuming carpets, furnishings, upholstered furniture and any floorboards that have cracks in them. This will remove the adult fleas and their eggs and larvae. The larvae feed on flea dirt and other organic matter so you’ll be doing a great job at eliminating their food source that collects in carpets and rugs. After you’re done vacuuming, empty the vacuum cleaner away from the house as there will be live fleas in the vacuum bag. Using a flea comb, groom your pets on a regular basis and wash their bedding on a weekly basis using the hottest cycle suitable for the fabric. If you notice your cat or dog scratching and biting, you may need a visit to the vet for treatment.

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Fleas can be difficult to get rid of because the eggs are very difficult to see. Flea eggs will not stay on your pet after they are laid. They fall off and become hidden in carpets, bedding and all over your home. The eggs are white, oval and only about 1/64th of an inch small, making them almost impossible to see. Call A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to make sure the treatment used is effective and totally safe for your family and pets.

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