How Do You Know if Bites are from Bed Bugs in Seguin, TX? Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation & More

Bearing wing pads that never fully develop into functional wings, small, flat oval-shaped bodies, wingless pests are what we know as bed bugs, and most people are familiar with their blood diet, most commonly from human hosts. Though after a hardy meal bed bugs will appear reddish and become engorged, they are otherwise a dull brown color. Bed bugs are fairly elusive, using their tiny stature to their advantage. Being roughly the size of an apple seed, however, they can still be seen by the naked eye. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that can be difficult to locate, especially as an egg or during their nymph life-cycle. Bed bugs do not necessarily stick the to the mattress during the daylight hours, but can be hunkering down in the box spring, headboard and frame. They will even spread out further, in nearby furnishing, electronic equipment, behind base boards, picture frames, and other places. Recognizing the signs of bed bugs can help you know they are around and with the help of professionals, you can eliminate them before their population gets out of hand. Today, we at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to share some basics of the bed bug bites and other red flags.

Can You Catch Diseases from Bed Bug Bites?

The bed bug gets its nutrition from blood. They need blood to mature into their various lifecycles and when the females are ready to produce eggs, they require enough blood to do it. Bed bugs are not linked to spreading any diseases, despite feeding primarily on human blood. And although bed bugs are not known to spread infections through their bites, severe itching can lead to open wounds. These wounds can get infected if not treated properly. Secondary complications like impetigo, lymphangitis, and ecthyma are also a possibility. Depending on the individual’s sensitivity, bed bugs can induce a range of allergic reactions.

Other Signs of Bed Bugs

The most obvious signs you are dealing with a bed bug infestation are the little blood spots found on the sheets, shed skins, and bed bug bites. Bed bugs are likely to bite the skin that is exposed while their hosts sleeps including arms, hands, neck, shoulders, face, and legs. Bed bug bites do not always leave a mark, and if they do it is not necessarily immediately after they detach. If the bed bug bites manifest, they are small, red, itchy, or blistered, and can be flat or slightly raised with inflammation. These marks eventually clear away after a few days.
The bed bug bite reactions are due to the anti-coagulant along with their saliva that people have a sensitivity to or an allergic reaction to. Due to their own sensitivity, people can experience various reactions. The size of the bite is indicated by the individual’s sensitivity.

What Does a Bed Bug Bite Look Like?

Bed bug bites develop in tight lines of multiple red marks that are small where several bed bugs have indulged, unlike other insect bites. A slight burning sensation that then develops in red bumps where initially, the bite feels some itchiness is often the description of the bites. In some cases, the bites may swell dramatically or turn into blister-like skin inflammations with those with extreme sensitivity. Because people may have a tendency to excessively the itchy bite, additional swelling, bleeding and a secondary infection can be the result.

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