How Do You Know if a Tick Bite Gave You Lyme Disease in Von Ormy, TX? Check for Ticks to Prevent & More

The effects that come from a bug bite can range from a small red bump to a serious infection. Knowing what bit you and when is important when it comes to proper treatment. Each year, thousands of Americans are infected with dangerous diseases through the bite of a tick. Most common is the Lyme disease that is carried by ticks. Ticks are small, usually brown colored insects that are present in heavily wooded areas, and are able to cling to any passer-by. Ticks begin to infect their host by burrowing their head into the skin and beginning to suck the blood of the host.

Thoroughly Check Ticks to Prevent Lyme Disease

Ticks that spread Lyme disease must be attached to their host for at least thirty six to forty eight hours; this is when the tick will transmit the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. Checking for ticks is imperative in preventing Lyme disease. If you have been camping, hiking or residing in a heavily wooded area where ticks are present, be sure to regularly check for ticks. Ticks are often found in knee or arm pits, behind ears, on the head and other areas of the body. Removing a tick can be difficult based on how deep the tick has burrowed itself into the host.

What are the Early Signs of Lyme Disease?

Signs of Lyme disease include the appearance of what is called the EM Rash. EM stands for erythema migrans, the characteristic rash of Lyme disease. The EM rash is usually salmon colored, although in some cases it can be an intense red color. The rash will usually expand over time, reaching six to eight inches in diameter. The rash does not normally cause any other conditions, though some cases have complained of burning or itching. The EM rash normally occurs one month after the host was bitten, making it difficult for some to diagnose the rash.

Is Lyme Disease Contagious?

Lyme disease is not contagious from an infected person to someone else. It can only be transmitted from the infected tick to the host through the tick bite. Lyme disease can cause abnormalities in the skin, joints, heart and nervous system. Staying out of areas that are known to be heavily populated by ticks is important to avoid any bites and potential chance of Lyme disease. If you live close to an area that is heavily populated by ticks, or you think that there are ticks living close to your home or property, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control for the best tick control available.

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