How Do You Keep Scorpions Out of Your Timberwood Park, TX House; Scorpion Identification, Control & More

Believe it or not but scorpions are out in full force in the Greater San Antonio, Texas area. These scary and dangerous arachnids are primed for a serious outbreak because of the perfect set up over the past few months. Scorpions usually start to emerge around the end of spring and are the biggest problem during the warmer summer months. The problem this year is that the scorpions are out early and that is due to the perfect weather patterns in Texas. Usually you have time to get your garden ready and your yard looking good before you have to start watching for these stinging little monsters. The problem is that this is the time that most people take advantage of the outdoors and the beautiful weather and that means that there are more opportunities to come in contact with one. All though the stinging power is not enough to seriously harm a person it can be painful and could lead to a visit to urgent care. The sting can be much more dangerous to a child or the elderly and someone that has allergies to the venom in the bite itself. The majority of scorpions that are found around town are fairly small and are well camouflaged in the rocks and dirt. When you are out caring for your yard and garden take care so you are not stung by a scorpion. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has what to look for and how to prevent a scorpion sting.

How to Identify a Scorpion

The great thing about scorpions is that they are easily identifiable since they have a set of pinchers in the front and a rounded tail with a stinger on the end. They come in a variety of browns, tans and black and even the size differs from each species. The good thing about scorpions is that they are nocturnal so the odds that you will bump into on in the day time is less likely all though they have been caught out and about all hours of the day and night. They emit a glow that is picked up by a black light and you can look around your yard and walls to see if there are signs of any hiding out. You can stay clear of areas that seem to have more scorpions hiding away.

How to Prevent Scorpions from Getting in Your House

They don’t tend to want to come in homes and the majority of people that come across them are outside they will come in If they see the opportunity. They love warm dry areas which is why they flourish in Nevada. Even though the like the dry heat they also like to look for places to hide away. This can be a gap in a window or door that leads straight into your home. The pest way to prevent a scorpion from getting gin your home is to seal up any openings that could be used to access your house.

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If you fear that you have an infestation of scorpions in or around your home call A Five Star Termite & Pest Control in Greater San Antonio, TX to have your home treated.

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