How Do You Get Rid of Nuisance Birds in Olmos Park, TX? What Deters Roosting Birds from Nesting?

In the greater San Antonio, TX area, we are plagued with many kinds of roosting birds that cause a great deal of damage and requires a lot of cleaning. The top suspects are pigeons, sparrows, grackles, starlings and blackbirds. It can get rather frustrating to repair the damages, clean poop and remove nests from your home or business building. There are steps you can take to prevent birds invading your roof tops. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will cover some of the basic tools that are used to prevent your home from becoming a rest stop for birds.

Keep Nuisance Birds Away By Removing Food & Water Sources

First of all you can’t actually stop birds completely. They own the sky and can get anywhere they choose to go. So before we talk about preventing birds from making your roof their next roosting or nest site, here are some other tips you should try. One is to remove a constant food source. Many home owners don’t mind buying outdoor bird feeders for the local wildlife, but to a certain point you might have bitten off more than you can chew. By feeding them, you invite some of the problem pests to come and hangout on your roof tops. Another source of food is the trash cans. Make sure food waste is sealed with both a trash bag and in a trash can that can be closed off for pests. We say all pests, because cockroaches and other insects are a buffet for most birds. Water is also a major factor for many birds. If you have a bird bath, leaky hoses, or pipes this will also bring in birds that are looking for a water source. Managing insects around your home, like wasps, is important to keep woodpeckers at bay. Therefore, it’s just as important to manage insect as well as wild life pests.

What Deters Roosting Birds from Nesting on Roof?

After you have removed food and water as an attraction to your home or business building, let’s take care of the roosting and nesting problem. The final defense against birds is preventing them from landing or nesting. Poisons are not allowed for many reasons, most are obvious. So let’s talk about ledges, and over hanging areas that birds can land on. The main idea is to prevent them from landing. There are a number of devices to prevent them from doing just that. There are spike strips that you can align the edges with. These spike strips come in many different designs and materials. Some are metal or plastic; some will stick straight up or slightly out on an angle. Either way it’s a great tool in preventing birds from landing. Some people will also use spike strips on eaves or in-coves. You can use bird wiring as well. Bird wiring prevents birds from landing on the edges of buildings. Bird wiring is when the single strip of wire is strung from one end of the ledge to another. The birds can’t grip the thin wire and won’t be able to land. For small or hanging areas or lamp poles there are 360 degree spider spikes that will keep birds off the edges. For those in-coves or eaves you will find metal meshing or a netting material that you can use to prevent birds from using those areas as roosting or nesting sites.

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A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is aware of the never ending battle home owners and businesses face when it comes to bird pest control. They are relentless and may at times seem impossible to stop. However there is an answer to every problem and we here at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help you. If you encounter a bird pest problem and are at the end of your wits, we will be there to provide answers and a solution. Give us a call.

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