How Do You Control Pavement Ant Populations in Bulverde, TX? What Stops Ants from Coming in the House & More

The ant is a common summer pest throughout Texas. One particular species that is seen frequently infesting homes are pavement ants. Pavement ants are aggressive invaders and are heavily active during the summer season. Pavement ants can be found along sidewalks or even right underneath the foundation of your home. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share a little bit about Pavement Ants and a few tips on how to control these summer invaders.

How Do You Identify Pavement Ants?

Pavement ants are dark brown or black in color with light pigmented legs and antennae. Pavement ants can range in size from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long. Pavement ants will build their nest under large rocks or as their name suggests, underneath pavement. Pavement Ants have also been found nesting inside walls. Pavement ants love to eat a variety of different foods, but particularly love fatty meats and sweets. They will also forage for grains and seeds.

Pavement Ants in a Colony

Pavement ants have multiple queens in a single colony. The worker ants are responsible for foraging and for taking care of the queen and her brood. Ants go through a full metamorphosis. They start as eggs, then hatch as larval. Then the ants will go into a pupal stage and finally into an adult ant. Through June and July the reproductive members of the colony known as swarmers, come out to reproduce. Once the swarmers mate the male will die while the fertile queen looks for new nesting grounds. It is usually during this mating season where Pavement Ants spread to new areas and very often near the home. Once a colony moves in near the home they can find the smallest cracks in the foundation to climb through to seek out foraging sites within the home. You can find pavement ants all over your house. They tend to concentrate in the kitchen where they will feed on dirty dishes or snacks left on the counter. Pavement Ants will also climb into the garbage can seeking discarded food and of course, they will gladly help themselves to your pantry.

Do Pavement Ants Cause Health Problems?

Pavement ants do not carry any diseases unlike Pharaoh ants. Pavement ants do not cause any damage to the home. They tend to be more of a nuisance. These ants will look everywhere for food and will contaminate food storage and dry goods. When these particular ants invade the home, it may seem almost impossible to get rid of them.

What Stops Ants from Coming in the House?

Once pavement ants have found a foraging site they will do anything to return. Often to begin controlling pavement ants you will want to seal up the small cracks they are using to enter your home. Don’t be surprised to discover later that these ants have found a new hole or crack to enter your home. As they find new entry points, simply seal them up. Next you can have an insecticide applied along the edges of the walls. This will help eliminate some access points. Make sure to keep the inside of your home clean and free of discarded food. Have all pantry goods in air tight containers.

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