How Do Restaurants & Commercial Businesses Control Flies in Redwood, TX? Fly Pest Management & More

Flies can hurt your business in a few ways. First, your reputation will be damaged because customers will see your business as unclean and unsafe. Second, serious financial harm when legal regulations are not followed and third, your customer base will decrease due to poor first impressions. When flies are seen landing on food and surfaces of a business, customers are unlikely to return. To maintain a good hygiene program, commercial properties need to implement standard hygiene practices, physical barriers and electric fly killers or other methods. This will ensure that food does not get contaminated. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines the danger of flies and how to prevent them in your commercial establishment below.

Why Are Flies Dangerous?

Flies are one of the most disgusting pests around. They are small but can pack a big punch when it comes to food contamination. The main way they contaminate food is by simply walking on it to spread many diseases. When flies land on food and surfaces they deposit remnants of the places they’ve been. These recent places visited can include rotting garbage, fecal matter and dead animals. A fly can carry 4 million bacteria on its body and over 28 million in its stomach! Flies are linked to the spread of over 60 human and animal diseases including E. coli, salmonella, cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, dysentery and respiratory diseases. Flies are the main culprit when it comes to food poisoning in restaurants. They eat feces and rotting matter and they come across lots of microorganisms that can cause diseases to spread. They also spread disease by regurgitating it while they eat which means they’re throwing up on your food and other surfaces. Digestive juices, enzymes and saliva will break down and dissolve food, so they can eat it. Flies also poop on surfaces. Many businesses believe that flies are something they can’t control. One fly swatted and thrown away seems to result in two replacements. It can be frustrating, but there are things that can be done.

What Can You Use to Repel Flies & Keep Them Away?

One or two flies seen can be excused but this can lead to dozens and hundreds very quickly. All it takes for a fly to mature is 10 days and flies can reproduce quickly. One fly can produce as many as 1,000 eggs in its lifetime. It’s imperative to get a problem under control before they start hatching! Don’t mistake a small fly problem as no big deal, they can overtake your business faster than you think. Get commercial fly control started right away. Every situation is unique, and one program won’t work in all cases. This is the reason you need to call professionals with experience and tools to determine the best course of action. Professionals will look at the entire property and remove the current infestation. They will also look for ways to prevent future infestations because once the infestation is gone, you don’t want it to return.

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When flies make your business a place to frequent, it can be bad news. To set up an appointment regarding commercial fly control, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to protect your business, your workers, your customers and the bottom line of your business.

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