How Do I Prevent & Get Rid of Overwintering Elf Leaf & Other Beetles in Live Oak, TX?

Throughout the state of Texas there are many beetle species that often invade homes during the fall season. Many beetle species are overwintering pests. This means these pests will invade homes in large groups as they look for a warm place to sleep during the cold winter season. While some beetle species such as lady bugs are a welcome insect during the spring and summer, they can become a nuisance during the winter season. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share some of the common overwintering beetle species that will begin invading your home as the temperatures begin to fall and how you can prevent their invasion.

Asian Lady Beetle

The Asian Lady Beetle or also known as both the Asian Lady Bug and Multicolored Asian Lady beetle, is a species of beetle that is found in North America. During the spring and summer season these beetles are a welcome sight as they help control or eat many crop killing pests. Many homeowners will even intentionally buy and release these beetles in their yard to improve their gardens and vegetation. As the temperatures begin to fall, the Asian ladybug will begin to look for shelter, often indoors. Asian lady beetles will gather in large groups or clusters and will hibernate through the winter season. If they invade a home, they don’t actually cause much damage. However, they do release a foul smelling odor through the entire winter. If the odor isn’t bad enough, some people have allergic reactions, which make the home unpleasant.

Elm Leaf Beetle

Another common winter invader is the Elm leaf beetle. Elm leaf beetles are often found hiding on elm trees where if left unchecked, can defoliate and kill an entire tree. Elm leaf beetles are found invading homes as early as August and intensifies in September. Elm Leaf beetles survives winter by sheltering in homes and sheds and if the home stays warm enough, they will occasional emerge during the winter. They don’t cause major damage to the home. However, come spring you may begin to find dozens of elm leaf beetles moving about inside your home.

Click Beetles

Click beetles received their name by flipping up in the air and making a clicking noise to scare away predators. Click beetles are another common overwintering beetle. Again Click beetles don’t like the cold and invade homes to stay warm. They can remain active all winter long, with their loud clicking noises they are a major nuisance. Their larva are devastating for both crops and landscape.

Overwintering Beetle Prevention

With the fall season here it is time to begin sealing up your home. You will want to keep these overwintering pests out. Start by covering your home attic vents, dryer vents, and chimneys with a fine screen material. Inspect doors and windows and see if the weatherstripping or caulking require replacement. Make sure there are no gaps that beetles can use to enter. Next clean up the yard as beetles will often hide in yard debris or piles and may eventually work their way into the home.

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