How Do I Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs Home in Elmendorf, TX? Inspect Luggage for Pests & More

Bed bugs are a year around pest, but seem to be a bigger nuisance during the summer. This is no mystery for those who are familiar with bed bugs. For some who may have noticed tiny bugs infesting your bed or home, you may just be discovering bed bugs for the first time. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share some facts for those who are unfamiliar with bed bugs. For those who are having their first encounter with them, we’ll tell you how you can prevent and control bed bugs in your home.

Bed Bug Facts

Bed Bugs are tiny insects that feed on blood. They are the same shape and size of an apple seed. Bed bugs, as adults, are reddish brown, while the nymphs or baby bed bugs are a pale cream color. Bed bugs are most commonly found feeding on humans due to our lack of hair as bed bugs have a hard time crawling through thick fur or hair. Bed bugs become a major problem during the summer season because they are hitchhikers. Meaning, due to summer vacations or visits from friends and family to your home, you get more visitors during this particular time of year. Another spike in bed bug activity is during the holidays and for the same reason.

Bed Bug Prevention

When it comes to preventing bed bugs, the answer is in being aware! This means knowing when or how bed bugs can get into your home. One rule of thumb is when you’re returning home from a trip or having family or friends visit, have some standard procedures. This includes washing all clothing and linens as soon as you walk into your home. Luggage should be vacuumed thoroughly. It also helps to maintain cleanliness around your home. Make sure you wash all bedding weekly. Vacuum your mattresses and box springs regularly. After all, they don’t call them bed bugs for no reason. Keep in mind, bed bugs like hiding during the day. They like fabric and rough surfaced materials that they can climb on. Bed bugs can’t grip smooth surfaces such as smooth metal and glass. Also wash curtains and vacuum carpets and rugs. When you wash your bedding and linens, make sure to use hot water and dry them using high heat. Bed bugs and their eggs will die with too much exposure to heat.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Controlling bed bugs, once they have invaded your home, isn’t something you can do on your own. So how do you control them? As stated above wash all linens and bedding, vacuum beds, furniture and carpet. However this is where you run into a wall, so to speak. You next step is to seek the aid of a pest control company that is equipped to handle bed bug infestations. You might be surprised to learn how they can completely remove your bed bug problem. Pest control companies have specialized tools and supplies as well as the knowledge and experience to use them optimally.

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If you have a bed bug problem and need help eradicating these tiny blood suckers, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control. We are prepared and fully equipped to handle a bed bug infestation. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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