How Do I Make Sure I Don’t Bring Back Bed Bugs in McQueeney, TX? Inspection & Treatment

During the summer families travel more frequently than other times of the year. Sometimes you may be the one doing the traveling and other times you are the one hosting the guests. Either way you are likely at an increased risk of having bed bugs find their way into your home this busy summer season.

How Can I Tell if it’s a Bed Bug?

Let’s start by talking about what bed bugs are and what they look like. Bed bugs get their name because they like to feed on humans while they are sleeping in their beds. Bed bugs can be found anywhere that people gather. They are ¼ of an inch long. Their small size makes them hard to see unless you are really looking for them. When bed bugs are hungry they are mahogany in color. Once they have eaten they change to a red-brown color. Baby bed bugs are practically colorless. They have 6 legs and antennae. Before they eat they are flat, broad oval in shape. After they eat they become swollen and elongated.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During the Day?

Bed bugs like to hide in extremely small cracks and crevices that are close to humans. As their name implies, the prefer to live in your bed if possible. They are also frequently found behind baseboards, wallpaper, upholstery, and in furniture. Bed bugs will do their best to find a way to travel from place to place. They are excellent at getting into your luggage and traveling to your destination with you. As they travel to their new location they are able to survive quite well.

Bed Bugs are Most Active at Night

They are nocturnal creatures. They will come out at night to find their next meal. Bed bugs have a unique eating schedule. Unlike humans they only need to have a meal every 5 to 10 days. When they are ready for a meal it takes them about 5-10 minutes to emerge themselves with blood. After they eat they will hide in a secluded place until they need another meal.

How Do You Prevent Bed Bug Bites While Sleeping?

You can take some steps to prevent you from being bitten by a bed bug. You will want to check any pieces of furniture before you bring them into your home. If you look carefully on the furniture you will see them if you are careful. They like to hide in the seams of furniture so take extra care when looking at those for signs of bed bugs. You will also want to check your luggage before you bring it in from any trips that you take. Bed bugs may have found a way to hitch a ride on your luggage to your home. If you are careful you will be able to find them and clean them off of your luggage.

What Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Sometimes bed bugs find their way into your homes despite your best efforts. If you have guests coming, they may unknowingly bring them into your home. You will want to wash your sheets before and after your guests stay at your home. Vacuuming your home frequently will also help. If you have a lot of clutter in your home it will give the bed bugs a place to live. Reducing clutter in your home can help keep bed bugs at bay.

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Hopefully using the knowledge that we have shared with you today about bed bugs can help prevent them from infesting your home. If you do end up with bed bugs, A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help you get rid of them. Give us a call today.

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