How Do I Know what Kind of Rodent Infestation I Have in Converse, TX? Deer Mouse, Norway Rat or Other

Texas is not only home to people, but to a many different kinds of pests, including mice and rats. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has the experience to help you evict them from your home and property. Having these pests in your home doesn’t necessarily mean you live in poor, filthy conditions. Even homes kept in pristine condition can get a few critters passing through. They are attracted to food, water and nesting sites. There are several species of mice that are native to our Texas borders, but we will just cover a few more common species of mice.

Deer Mice

Starting with the Deer Mouse, these little critters are small, even smaller than the average house mouse. They are general grayish in color or reddish-brown, with more white bellies. Their bodies are slender, but round, with larger heads, and pointed snouts with the standard whiskers. Ears are found to be circular and large. They are general found in either moor woodland areas, and prairie type areas, but they can be found near anywhere in New York.

House Mouse Infestation

The House Mouse is more commonly found anywhere near humans. They too are small with soft fur that is generally black or brown, and the fur is typically more light on their bellies. Their ears are also round and large, similar to the Deer Mouse. They prefer to live in houses or apartments, so they can find their food source more easily around people, but will also live in subways, barns and garages. No matter what kind of mice you come across, our specialists have the best equipment, and superior training to remove these little intruders from your home.

Black Roof Rat

Similar to the House Mouse, the Black Rat prefers to live in close proximity to people. An easier food and water source, and nesting materials are always close by when living near people. As far as rats, they are considered medium size. Their hair is black, and fine, but still a few shades lighter on their bellies. Their ears and tails are naked, and also seem large in comparison to their bodies. Preferring to live on high ground, they can be found in attic space, or the higher level apartments. If they are found outdoors, they are more than likely using a tree top to call home.

Brown Norway Rat

Finally, we have the Norway Rat, despite their name they normally hailed from China, and made their way to the U.S. by trade. Where they can be found all over the U.S. they are more populated in New York. They are larger than black rats, but have more coarse hair than varies in shades of brown, and has lighter shades on their bellies. These guys don’t necessarily rely on humans for survival, they are found in wide ranges, from people’s homes, to barns, to woodland or even prairie lands. Like most critters, living in close quarters to humans means finding easy meals from leftovers to trash, along with nesting materials.

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Mice and rats can inflict damage to structures and carry disease. If you have a rodent problem, don’t hesitate and call out the big guns. Our professionals at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control, have the needed skill set, and top quality equipment to solve your rodent problems. Call us to schedule your next appointment today!

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