How Do I Know what Kind of Ants I Have in San Antonio, TX & How to Prevent Ant Infestations

If you have ever woken up to find a line of ants marching across the counter in your kitchen, your first reaction is probably to start squishing away. That may not be the best bet since you cannot treat ants by killing them one at a time but getting to the queen of the colony. Ants are not only a nuisance but they can also be dangerous. If you have ever suffered from an ant bite you know that they are painful and if you have an allergy to the bite you can suffer more. There are different kinds of ants that can invade a home and being able to identify them and prevent them from getting in your home can help you stop an invasion. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists common types of ants and how to prevent them from getting in your home.

Do Pavement Ants Cause Damage?

These ants get their name due to the area that they are found most often. They tend to be found in the cracks in between the sidewalk where they are usually starting their nest. They will dig down in the space and that is a great way to protect their nest from predators. They are small and are usually black or dark brown and are always on the hunt for food. This is when you can start to find them in your home. Although they want to be outdoors they will come in for a bite of food.

What Do Carpenter Ants Do to Your House?

A carpenter ant is a much larger ant that is usually black in color and can be found near wood. They make their nest by tunneling through wood to make the tunnels that will be used to walk and nest. They do not eat the wood that they chew through but will use the wood to their nesting advantage. Just because they like to live in wood they will come out in search of food to eat and that can be in your kitchen or home.

Are Sugar Ants Harmful?

The sugar ant is attracted to sugary foods and all those little sticky bits from treats and candy that can easily drop on the ground. They don’t strictly eat sugary foods and will settle for other foods too if it happens to be in their path. They have a dark black head and an orange body.

How Do I Stop Ants from Coming in My House?

The best way to keep ants out of your kitchen and your home is to be sure that all your food is cleaned up and packed away. This includes dishes and counters that could have small amounts of crumbs left behind from a meal. You also want to wipe down the outside of bottles such as syrup and honey. The residue can attract ants and bring them right into your home.

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