How Do I Identify a Grass Spider in Alamo Heights, TX? Where are these Non Aggressive Spiders Found?

One spider that is often seen in winter is the Grass Spider. Grass spiders, as their name suggests, live in tall grassy areas. However, when winter temperatures cool down, the grass spider will seek shelter form the cold and are often found in homes or buildings. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how to identify grass spiders and explain their habits, lifecycles and most importantly, how to keep grass spiders from invading your home.

What Do Grass Spiders Look Like?

Grass spiders are light tan in color with two dark stripes coming down their head or thorax. The abdomen of the male is tear-drop shape while the female abdomen is rounder and more balloon shaped. Typically, the abdomen of the Grass Spider has markings going down, however sometimes they can be solid in color.

Where are Grass Spiders Located?

Grass spiders prefer to live in grasses and foliage. Nevertheless they also are found in corners, on ceilings, and walls of human structures. You can often see their funnel web covered in the dew of grass, which is how they got their name grass spiders. Their webs are interesting. They will make a flat sheet attached to a web funnel where the spiders hide most of the time. They will venture outside their web to wait for prey to get stuck in the web. As long as an insect or other spider is small enough to get stuck in their web, Grass spiders will eat them.
Grass spiders are most active during the summer and through the fall. Come winter, grass spider will search for shelter from the winter elements. When the cold temperatures sets in grass spiders will overwinter wherever they can find shelter and stay warm enough. However, if the conditions to trigger the overwintering aren’t present, such as the temperature doesn’t drop down enough, they will remain active all year long and will reproduce continually. If a grass spider lays their eggs, and if the temperature is warm enough, they will hatch. Outside in the wild they will remain dormant until spring. If a Grass spiders ventures inside an insulated building or home and the temperature is controlled, they will remain active and can be seen in a home or other human structure.

Are Grass Spiders Aggressive?

Luckily, Grass spiders are not aggressive in nature. If anything poses a threat to them they will usually retreat into their funnels. They are not known to be venomous even if they do bite. However, if ever bitten by any spider it is wise to take precautions. If swelling, itchiness, or headaches occur after a spider bite, seek medical attention.

What Keeps Grass Spiders Away from Your House?

The best way to control spiders is not to let them into your home. Grass spiders can get up to an inch in length, including legs. Seal up any areas around your home that is an inch or smaller to prevent spiders from entering into your home. The use of insecticides also helps kill and reduce the amount of insects and spiders that enter into your home. With the aid of a professional pest control company, you can keep spiders and other pests out of your home or business.

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