How Do I Control Pests in My Apartment in Grey Forest, TX? Pest Management for Residents & Managers

Do you live in or manage an apartment, condominium, or other multifamily housing? You might be wondering what approach you should take in preventing pests from invading the premises. We’ll discuss some of the things you should consider or what you can do as an attendant and what your housing managers can do to prevent an infestation. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control knows that when the two parties work together, they can keep unwanted pests at bay.

Pest Management for Residents

Yes, ultimately it’s on housing management to routinely spray the areas with pesticides. However, you as an attendant need to do your part in keeping insect population down. The top thing is sanitation. Keeping your place clean and free of clutter provide no places for bug to hide. If an area remains unclean and cluttered this a breeding ground for most insect like cockroaches and bed bugs especially. The common insects like cockroaches, bed bugs, scorpions, and spiders are most active at night while they hide during the day. Do not give them the chance to use your home for those places. Store your food in sealed storage containers. Leaving food out is leaving food for insects and rodents. Making your place a hot spot for pests to gather. Remove trash in sealed trash bags. Avoid throwing out unsealed food waste. The dumpster or garbage can is an excellent breeding and feed ground and will create a large enough population that will start invading your home. If you as the attendant plan to do any sprays, baits, and traps talk with the grounds manager and see what they are doing. Don’t do anything that could counteract one another. Also let the grounds manager know if you are see a regular activity of pests. They can’t help if you don’t say something.

How Should a Housing Manager Prevent a Pest Infestation?

For the housing manager pest preventions can be a nightmare. Finding the best way to control pests while minimizing the use of potentially toxic pesticides can be troublesome. The top pest found in multifamily housing is cockroaches, mice, rats, and bed bugs. As the housing manager you may want to develop and enforce policies and procedures with both staff and residents. Your first battle is the trash disposal such as dumpsters and trash cans. Keep these areas clean and free of food and garbage. This will greatly reduce pest population. However it’s not just on you to clean up after multiple families. Try creating a program that can add you both in keeping the trash disposal area clean. Encourage a report system with your attendants. If there is landscaping with routine watering schedules, check the watering systems for any leaks. Reducing a water source is also great for reducing insect population. If you need to acquire the use of pesticides it’s strongly recommended to use a pest control company. They have access to many kinds of pesticides that are lethal enough to remove pests and yet are safe for people. If you want to remove pests without the use of pesticides, you can use a high powered vacuum. This will be able to suck up insects and eggs removing them from the area.

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A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has seen multifamily housing that works together with their neighbors, and housing manager in preventing pest. This works well. If you’re encountering an insect infestation, reach out and talk with your neighbors and manager and see what part you can play in keeping pests at bay. Call us today!

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