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We hear all the time one of the first steps to proper pest control is “Exclusion.” This means preventing pests from entering inside your home or business. You will often hear professional pest control companies suggest sealing or repairing areas of the building to prevent pests from entering inside the structure. However for some, this still isn’t very helpful. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will go into detail where and how various types of pests can enter your home and commercial building and what it takes for proper exclusion.

Pests Enter Via Structural Weak Points in Your Home or Business

There are two main ways pests can enter your home or commercial building. The first is Structural Weak Points. There are many weak points for pests to enter through. Once inside they find most indoor buildings quite cozy and often they can find an abundance of food. Now you have a major infestation. The first step to preventing them from entering into your home is finding these gateways for pest and sealing them up properly. Remember what will keep cockroaches out won’t work for mice or rodents. They can chew through many of our seals especially those that are glue based.

Prevent Pests by Sealing Cracks in Foundation

Let’s take a walk around your home or business and take a deeper look as to what could come in and from where. Let’s start at the foundation. Go outside of your home or building and look at the exterior of the foundation. Are there any cracks? Seriously, the smallest crack can let ants and termites into your home. A mouse can fit through a crack the size of a pen. Imagine what an ant could fit through, especially carpenter ants, being one of the smaller yet more destructive species of ants. Seal cracks in the foundation with a cement or solid sealer.

Cover Windows, Attic & Soffit Vents with Mesh Screens to Prevent Pests

Next let’s look at the roof. Look for holes in the roof as well as the attic ventilation. You can use a fine metal mesh to cover over your attic vents to prevent pests from crawling into your attic then into your home. Same for lower exhaust vents. They too should be covered with metal mesh to keep out insects and rodents. Same goes for window screens. Are they in good condition and do they properly cover the exterior window where nothing could slip through? Also look at your entry door from the inside. Do you see any daylight coming through? If so you should replace you weather stripping to prevent pests from using your exterior doors. For commercial buildings with a loading dock, this is your greatest threat from pests. You will need to use pesticides to help kill any wandering pests. These are some of the most common ways pests will seek to gain entrance through structural weaknesses.

Hitchiker Pests that Enter Your Home or Business

However, there is a second way pests enter buildings and homes and that is by hitchhiking. Yes, many pests are brought into your home or business in this way. Most commonly, they come in with your boxes. They also can grip onto purses, backpacks, clothes and even in your groceries. You may be surprised to learn that cockroaches, spiders and pantry pests come home with you in the packaging of your groceries. How about that glorious vacation or when you visit family and friends or have them over. Bed bugs are often brought into your home either with visitor with an unknown infestation or even while you’re on vacation. Many hotels have a constant battle with bed bugs. Your only defense for a hitchhiking pest is to develop good habits of inspecting boxes, groceries and luggage before you get home and of course, having a pest control program for in and outside of your home or commercial building.

Professional Pest Exclusion & Management in Cibolo, Universal City, New Braunfels & San Antonio Texas

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control wishes you luck in your first steps to pest control exclusion. We know your struggle and the constant battle to keep pests out. If you need a routine pest control program to help aid you in your battle, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today and be pest free.

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