Hibernation in Canyon Lake, TX; Do Bats & Other Pests Hibernate or Leave in Winter?

In the winter sometimes you may find it hard to want to wake up and get going in the morning. Your bed is so warm and cozy that the cold air can be daunting to think about entering. Humans are not the only ones that do not want to get out of the warmth and into the cold during the winter. Many different animals will hibernate during the cold winter season. Some animals choose to hibernate when the weather becomes too hostile for them to handle. Other animals will migrate to an area where the weather is warmer for the winter. Hibernation is an inactive state that lasts for a long time.

Where Do Chipmunks Sleep?

When the temperature drops drastically chipmunks will hibernate. They will sleep heavily waking occasionally for food. They dig a burrow as far as three feet under the ground to hibernate in. They typically dig under or next to a cover to help them stay safe from predators. In the late summer and early fall you can see them taking nuts into their burrows as they prepare for their winter hibernation.

Do Bats Hibernate or Leave in Winter?

Some bats live in warmer climates and do not hibernate. Other bats will migrate towards warmer climates during the winter. Yet another chunk of bats will hibernate. Bats are similar to bears during hibernation where they simply sleep the months away during winter. They hibernate from late fall until about the middle part of March. Bats hibernate in hollowed trees, barns, and other outside buildings. They are also known to take up space in your attic, crawl spaces, or in your basement for their long winter’s sleep.

Bumblebees Hibernate

When people see the list of animals and insects that hibernate they are frequently surprised to see bumblebees on the list. But if you think about the winter months you probably cannot think of an encounter during those colder months of the year. During the fall all the bees except for the queen bumblebee die. The queen bumblebee hibernates to get ready for her new colony in the spring. The queen will dig into the soil on the side of a north facing bank to avoid the winter sun and remain there until the spring arrives.

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During the cold winter months you may not have as many problems with some animals and insects due to their hibernation habits. Sometimes people find that animals and insects have found a place in their home to hibernate. If you come across any wild animals or insects overwintering in your home give A Five Star Termite & Pest Control a call today. We can help you safely remove them from your home before they cause too much harm or headache.

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