Hantavirus, Diseases & Health Problems of Mice Infestations to Humans in Sandy Oaks, TX

During the cooler seasons in Texas, rodents such as house mice will begin to wander into our homes and other human structures to seek shelter. House mice are a common rodent found worldwide and when they invade homes and other human sites they can pose a number of risks. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share what risks are common with house mice and how you can control and prevent these little critters from invading your home.

Diseases from Mice to Humans

There are a number of risks associated with house mice. One of the top concerns is that house mice carry diseases such as Hantavirus, Listeria, and Salmonellosis. These disease are often spread through the house mice droppings, urine, and even through their saliva. House mice and the diseases they can carry can cause serious illness and even death. House mice can contaminate the home as well as stored food once they enter the home.

Rodent Property Damage

Another common problem or risk of house mice is the damage they can cause. Mice and other rodents frequently chew on electrical wiring and through pvc pipes and create holes through wall. House mice also reproduce quickly leading to a major infestation that can shred a home. Much of the damage house mice can cause are not only inconvenient but it can also be dangerous. When rodents and mice chew through electrical wiring it becomes a fire hazard and puts the entire home at risk.

Mice Control Products

If house mice are found in the home you will need to work at controlling and getting rid of the mice and prevent future invasions. To control house mice, often traps are used to either capture or kill them. Often live capture traps are more favored as they don’t make a mess which requires detailed cleaning. Additionally, when using live capture traps you don’t have to worry about the smell of a dead mouse. However, to reduce population kill traps are an effective method and are also utilized. Other means to control rodents can also be used such as baits that prevent reproduction or poison mice. There is a downside to poison: mice can die within the wall or in hard to get at places. Locating the body can be impossible and the home will smell like a decaying body. Poisons are usually used in serious situations. Deterrents can also be used such as sonic wave pulse devices, and spray repellents.

How to Prevent House Mice

After working to control house mice, the next step is to prevent them from entering into the home in the future. Preventing is key to all pest control. To prevent mice from entering your home you will first need to locate any possible entry points for the mice. Some common entry points are cracks in the walls or foundations of the home, through attic vents, dryer vents, and chimneys. Seal or cover these areas with a strong material so mice can’t chew through them. Make sure all exterior doors and the windows seal when closed as mice can squeeze through tight spaces. Additionally, avoid watering or feeding mice and other pests inside your home and in the yard. Look for all possible food or water sources for pests to use. If possible, remove these essential resources.

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