Green Bug that Looks like a Roach in Live Oak, TX? How to Get Rid of Cuban Cockroaches

Texas is home to many species of cockroaches, including the American cockroach, German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, the Brown-Banded cockroach and even the Cuban cockroach. One of the less known species of cockroach is the Cuban cockroach as they are not as common as the other species of cockroaches. However, when they do invade they can pose a serious problem. A Five Star Termite & Pest ControlCare will share more about the Cuban cockroach and what to expect from the species.

Cuban AKA Green Banana Cockroach that Fly

Cuban cockroaches are also known as the Banana cockroach. This species is capable of flying and has been found throughout South America and been seen naturally in southern areas of North America and clear through South Carolina. The Cuban cockroach is known to infest bananas and feed on them. They were first introduced through trade. They were first found on unripe bananas that were shipped from Cuba to America. The Cuban cockroach is solid green and can blend into green plants and fruit. The Cuban cockroach can reach over two inches in length and can fly much better than other species of cockroaches.

What Attracts Cuban Cockroaches?

The Cuban cockroach also has a very slender body and is more oval shaped. They often wander toward homes and other structures due to the exterior lighting. However, unlike other species of cockroach, they prefer to stay outside and typically only invade homes accidentally. The Cuban cockroach has a major sweet tooth and will invade homes if they find a sweet snack. However, they are more of a garden or lawn pest and can damage fruit and vegetable gardens. There are some people who actually will keep Cuban cockroaches as pets, keep them in a glass tank, and feed them sweet fruit. Due to their vibrant green colors they are one cockroach species that people enjoy.

Cuban Cockroach Prevention

Due to the size of the Cuban cockroach, most people can do without them hanging around their yards. To help prevent a major outbreak of Cuban cockroaches, you will want to reduce the amount of night time light outside your home. They are attracted to light and will cluster around light at night time hours. If disturbed, they will frantically fly away and sometimes will go inside your home if a door is opened. By reducing light sources, especially next to the door, it can help keep Cuban cockroaches out. Additionally they like to hide under green leaves and in vegetation. By maintaining a groomed lawn and trimmed bushes and shrubs, it can help remove shelters that they may use. Dispose of unwanted or rotten fruit for those with gardens. The fruit provides plenty of food for Cuban cockroaches and can cause an outbreak of Cuban cockroaches around your yard. Lastly, repair or reduce any leaking hoses, water spouts or sprinklers. Cuban cockroaches also require water, so a dripping sprinkle provides plenty of water for a cockroach. Essentially, you want to reduce or deny them food, water and shelter that Cuban cockroaches can use around your yard.

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