Good Beneficial Insects VS Bad Leaf Eating Bugs in Agriculture & Your Garden in Converse, TX

The spring season is the time of year that your plants, trees and gardens. The weather starts to warm up and the growth that has been stunted all winter long has begun. You want to make sure that you are aware of all the changes that will occur in the spring and summer and that includes pests. The presence of the plants and gardens also mean that pests are coming out as well. There are lots of pests that come out in the same warm weather and this can lead to an infestation in your home. There are some pests that are great to find out in your yard and garden and others are not good at all. You want to know what to be looking for and what you should be okay seeing around your house. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what good and bad pests to look out for in your garden.

Keep Ladybugs in Your Garden

When you go out to your garden to see what types of pests are hanging around you can rest easy when you start to see ladybugs. They are often released into a garden as a way of natural pest control. They are a great pest in a garden because they are considered a predator. This might not sound good but the term predator means that they are out to find other pests. They will not be found feeding in your precious garden but the pests that tend to cause harm and damage to it. They will eat the other pests that chew through the leaves, roots and produce that might be growing.

Aphid Midges Can Save Your Garden

The next pest that you can rest easy when you see them in your garden and around your plants is called an aphid midge. They are a small flying pest that can be found in a garden eating one of the most damaging pests you can find. The aphid midge will use a toxic saliva that will kill their enemy the aphid and then they will eat them. They are a great pest to see in the garden as long as they stay out of your house.

Aphids Are Bad

On the other hand you have aphids that are a huge problem and if they are left untreated they can destroy your garden and your plants. They are a tiny pest that go around chewing through leaves and produce and this will prevent the plant from growing. This can kill many plants and that is why you want to have your home and property treated for pests.

Leaf Eating Beetles Are Bad

If you start to see beetles hanging around your house and your garden you want to make sure that you do your best to get rid of them. There are many species of beetles that can be found all over your property and even in the house that can be damaging to your plants. They will eat any plant that they are around and even the ones that might be in the house.

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