German Cockroach Infestation Identification & Control in Leon Valley, TX; How to Get Rid of & More

German cockroaches are one of the most common species of cockroaches found wandering through homes and businesses across America. They thrive in humid climates making them a bigger problem here in Texas. German cockroaches can carry harmful pathogens and spread them along with other bacteria and viruses. When German cockroaches invade they can contaminate the home and reproduce very quickly. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how you can identify and control German cockroaches that invade your home or businesses.

What Does a German Cockroach Look Like?

Adult German cockroaches are rather easy to identify. They are light brown in color with two distinct black horizontal stripes going down the head and back. Adult German cockroaches has fully developed wings that extend down the length of their back. Nymphs are much darker in color but still have the stripes going down the head and body. However, nymphs don’t have wings. When German cockroaches are fully grown they reach slightly over one half of an inch long. Even though fully mature adults have wings, they rarely ever fly.

German Cockroach Infestation

Both homes and commercial properties are under constant threat of German cockroaches. German cockroaches are well known to climb into boxes, bags, and other containers where they are most often brought into a home or building unknowingly. Once they have entered and have all the means to survive, they will reproduce and within a short time, completely infest the site. German cockroaches also have been reported to climb up and out of plumbing and pipes as well as crawl through gaps in doors and windows. German cockroaches are most often found in kitchens, underneath sinks, or in garbage containers. They love damp humid places where they can find food. German cockroaches will eat almost anything they find and can contaminate everything they make contact with.

How to Prevent German Roaches

To begin the process of controlling German cockroaches you will first want to eliminate all food and water sources. For homes or commercial properties with a kitchen, be sure to have all food stored in airtight containers. Clean up quickly after each meal and avoid leaving out snacks or fruit bowls. Inspect the internal and external plumbing often. Prevent water from dripping, fix leaks in all pipes as the water and damp areas will attract more German cockroaches. To help eliminate any current cockroach infestation, use sticky traps and have a professional pest technician come and spray inside and outside the home or building. Additionally, make sure garbage is sealed tightly in garbage bags and placed in a trash can. To prevent German cockroaches from entering into the home by way of the plumbing, place protective screens over the drains. Make sure all gaps outside the building are sealed and the doors and windows operate correctly.

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