Fall Pest Control in Elmendorf, TX; How to Get Rid of Fire Ants, Fleas, Rodents, Spiders & More

Unlike Northern states in the U.S, Texas continues with temperate winters. Where in some places many pests might hunker down for the winter, in Texas, some of these common pests can be active longer or simply retreat indoors to continue their day-to-day life. Throughout Texas, there are quite a few pests that can continue to threaten our health and / or property damage. To help keep you and your home safe from the pests, we at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control would like to list a few of the more common pests that are likely to invade in your home.

Fire Ants

Texans can identify a fire ant pretty easily. When their mounds are left undisturbed, they can range from an inch tall to several feet. Fire ants are one of the more aggressive ants and will protect the nest diligently. Any perceived threat that encroaches too close to the mound are met with an assault of multiple ants delivering as many stings as possible. These painful pinches will cause hardened bumps that itch for several day. Should you discover a fire ant’s mound on your property, contact a pro for effective elimination.


More often than not, your pet, but even you or the other occupants of the home, pickup fleas in long grassy areas. In the fall, they can easily spread throughout the home after being carried unknowingly inside where they can potentially spread diseases to both you and your pet. Keep in mind, puppies and kittens are at a higher risk for flea infestations. Both people and pets experience itchiness at the bite site and can have mild to severe symptoms from the potential ailments they spread.


Fall is the height of rodent problems for Texas homeowners and businesses. Though they can slip inside all year long, the fall tends to increase their efforts as the food supply depletes and temperatures change. A dime-size hole is all it takes for a mouse to creep indoors and rat needs only a quarter-size gap. When rodents intrude into your home, they can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars in structure, utility, and insulation damage as well spread serious diseases. Most rodents reproduce quickly, and when they live inside, reproduction increases significantly.


Spiders prey on most insects and when the insect wonder indoors for search of food, water, and comfort, the spiders follow. Though most spiders in the area are relatively harmless, locals need to be cautious of black widows and brown recluse spiders. These spiders deliver powerful venom in their bites, and though they are not typically aggressive towards people, they will bite threats and a hand distributing their home is enough to startle them and react. Children, elderly, and those with poor immunity systems are more of risk of serious affects but if anyone has been bitten by either of these spiders, be sure to seek medical attention immediately and connect with pest control experts to treat your home.

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