Do Yellow Jackets Get More Aggressive in the Fall in Seguin, TX? How To You Repel Wasps from Building Nests & More

Yellow jackets are well known for their aggressive nature and large nests that can house as many as 4000 worker wasps. They are the most active during the late summer months and early autumn. Yellow jackets love anything sweet and can be found lurking around outdoor gatherings. Yellow jackets are similar in appearance to paper wasps and people often confuse the two. Yellow jackets are approximately 3/8 to 5/8 of an inch long and have a yellow and black head & face with a patterned abdomen. Both species are known for inflicting a painful sting. One of the most distinguishing features of yellow jackets is the fast side to side pattern of flight which is different to that of any other types of wasps.

How Do You Know if You have a Yellow Jacket Nest?

Yellow jacket nests are best described as a large drab gray paper like mass. Yellow jacket nests are made from cellulose (wood that has been chewed until it becomes pulp). Depending on the type of yellow jacket, the nests can be found in trees or under the ground. There are ten different types of yellow jacket species; seven of these build nests underground.
Yellow jackets are well known for their aggressive natures and they will defend their nests with vigor. During the fall months their aggression intensifies as the worker bees are busy collecting food to preserve the next generations of queens. The queens will hibernate during winter and the rest of the colony will die off.

Are Yellow Jackets Aggressive to Humans & Pets?

The sting of a yellow jacket is not only painful it can also pose a significant health threat to those with underlying health issues or allergies. Unlike bees that can only sting once, yellow jackets can sting repeatedly. According to research, yellow jackets and other wasps send over 500,000 individuals to the emergency room every year.

How Do You Repel Yellow Jackets?

To avoid stings, take care to examine the area surrounding your home and remove any items that may attract yellow jackets to build nest son your property.
• Keep your trash cans sealed and store them away from your property.
• When cooking out keep food items covered
• Select bottled soda with lids for outdoor events instead of cans. Be sure to fasten lids tightly when not being used.
• Store pet food in containers with closely sealed lids
• Inspect window and door screens for damage and make any necessary repairs
• Avoid using perfumed shampoo, deodorant, perfume, and other products with strong scents
• Plant flowers away from the exterior of your home.
Never attempt to remove a yellow jacket nest on your own. Yellow jacket control and removal should be left to your A Five Star Termite & Pest Control qualified professional and will require specialized equipment including safety gear.

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