Do Year Round Pests Such as Fire Ants, Cockroaches & House Spiders Bite or Sting in San Antonio, TX?

When it comes to pests there are many aspects that can leave people fearful. Pests in general are unwanted and no one wants to have them running around or in their home. Pests each have their own bad habits and problems they each to bring to a home. Some carry disease while others pass on bacteria. There are others that cause damage to homes and structures that can send you looking for a contractor to make repairs. Some pests are just a nuisance. Then there are some pests that cause trouble with a bite or a sting. These pose a risk to you as a person which is much more important than any material object. The best way to combat a pest that causes physical damage is to have your home treated on a regular basis by a pest control company.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Lists Pests & Whether You Should Be Concerned About Their Bites Or Stings

Do House & Other Spiders Bite?: When it comes to spiders many people have a fear of them. So much so that this condition has its own name, arachnophobia! There have been movies and shows that are plotted around this topic and they are a huge hit. There is good reason to have a fear. One reason is that they are pretty scary to look at and they can be on the ground or suspended on the ceiling. Thankfully, spiders are usually not found in large groups. But they most often do trap or hunt their prey. They use their webs to their advantage as well as their fangs. Spiders do and will bite! They are not likely to come out of hiding to bite a person but will bite if they are attacked. That can be a person that accidentally stumbles across one of them. There are spiders that have venom that can cause a person to need medical attention.
Biting & Stinging Ants: Ants are an interesting pest that people have to deal with on a regular basis. They come and invade homes by the hundreds. They travel and work in colonies which are large in number and when they come in your home it can be overwhelming. If you have ever found yourself standing on an ant hill you most likely have felt the pain of the bite or sting. Ants do bite but there are also some species that sting as well. The red fire ant has a stinger that will inject venom into whoever is unlucky enough to come in contact. Some people think that killing ants is the best way to treat an infestation but killing a few just opens the doors for more to come in. You need to have your home treated by a professional pest control company.
Do Cockroaches Bite: A cockroach is known to spread bacteria from walking around garbage and food particles. They are also bad for people that suffer from allergies and asthma. One thing that you really don’t need to worry about with cockroaches is biting. They odds that a cockroach would bite are slim to none. There have been cases where the infestation of cockroaches has gotten so bad that the need for food has sent them to an unlikely source. They have been seen trying to feed on the nails of a person but chances that will happen to you are extremely rare.

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