Do Termites Come Out During Winter in Windcrest, TX? Signs of a Termite Infestation & More

One of the best things about winter is that during the winter months, you don’t see as many bugs as you do in the summer. Most bugs go deep in the ground, hibernate, and don’t produce as much. Are termites the same as other insects and pests? A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outline why you still need to be concerned about termites during winter.

Do Termites Infest in Winter?

The answer is yes, and unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see termites during the winter. Termites such as drywood or subterranean termites are not impacted by the cold temperatures and our active all year round. If these termites have decided that your home walls are a good shelter, then they will use your home’s wood to survive and even thrive in the winter.

How Do Termites Detect Wood to Find Food?

During the winter months, termites will tunnel deeper into the ground to find a food source. They avoid any food sources that would make them go into the cold. If they are the worker termites, they do most of their work near the nest during the cold season. Termites are still active in the winter, but not quite as active as they are during the summer. If the termites are in your home, they will use the wood from your home as their food source.

Can Termites Lay Eggs to Reproduce in the Cold?

The queen termite can continue to lay eggs year-round, especially if you live in warmer winter areas such as southern climate zones. The cold does not slow her down, she continues to produce eggs at a good rate. The number of eggs she will produce can vary depending on her age and the type of species of termite she is. If you live in a more temperate climate where the winters are colder, than the queen may stop egg production during the cold.

What are the Signs of Termites in your House?

Having termites in your home can cause serious damage. Termites cause about $5 billion in property damage a year in the United States. Because termites can do so much damage, You want to be able to know the signs so that you can detect termites in and around your home early on.
– Termites make pencil-shaped tunnels. If you see these tunnels along your house, then you have termites.
– You may see grooves in wood surfaces, this is from them chewing on the wood
– Termites will burrow in your wood floors. This can make it look like water damage on your floors.
– If you are noticing a lot of sawdust this could be from Drywood termites
– Termites will have wings when they are leaving to find a new colony. When they do, they will discard their wings. If you see wings in your home, this could be from termites

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Termites are not something that you want to just leave alone and hope they will go away. They will not go away. They will ruin any wood surface, including your home to build their home. If you are worried or think you have termites, then give A Five Star Termite & Pest Control a call. We will come out and see if we can find the termites.

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