Do Spiders Come into the House in the Cold Winter? How Do I Keep Spiders Out in Cross Mountain, TX?

While most homeowners expect to find pests in their home during the summer, many are surprised that they have pest problems throughout the winter months as well. There are several pests that can be a problem all year long and house spiders are one of them. Not only are they are problem year round, but you may have noticed that the last couple of months they are especially a problem. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about why you may be finding house spiders right now and where you may frequently see them.

Are Spiders More Active in the Fall?

Spiders have a natural anti-freeze that allows them to feel somewhat comfortable all year long without regard to the temperature outside. This allows them to actually live outside, without the need to seek warmer refuges. However, they do need food. They are the most active in the fall because they know that the flying insects they usually eat are getting ready to die off for the season. They take this time to fatten up and get ready for the low food supply winter often brings with it.

Why Do Spiders Come Into Your House in the Winter?

Even though they don’t need to come into your home during the winter, many will if they are in search of food. Even though you don’t see many pests in your home during the winter, they are most likely still there. If you have a problem with house flies or fruit flies, this will attract spiders more than normal. If you have noticed that you have several spiders that are hiding in the corners of your pantry, it may be the fact that there are pantry pests that are attracting them. The food that you store in the back of your pantry and is probably expired is the most likely place that flour beetles, grain moths, ants and other pantry pests have taken over. House spiders usually set up shop near their food source. Some other insects that are likely around your home and offer spiders a meal during the winder include cockroaches, silverfish and house centipedes.

Spider Control Tips

The best thing you can do to prevent spiders in your home is to control their food source. If they don’t find any prey in your home, they will find somewhere else to hunt. You can also try insecticides and glue traps to get rid of unwanted spiders as well. Luckily, unlike other pests spiders are loners. They don’t live in colonies so you don’t have to worry about large infestations when you find one.

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If it seems like you are finding spiders all over your home, you may need some pest control help. The professionals at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offer spider control that you need. We have the resources and experience needed to successfully get rid of any spiders that are taking over your house. Call us today!

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